Shopping weekend 2021 

E-books 📖 We have a paid add-on that lets people download your blog as an e-book, and that add-on is 30% off this weekend.

Just $7 will permanently unlock this feature for you — great for sharing your novel, but also useful year-round!

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It's ! ✍️ 📖

As is tradition, we're opening up the "Novel" blog format, and offering one additional blog to hold your novel, at no extra cost.

Read more about it on our @blog:

End of November sale 

We're offering discounts on two paid features today (only):

* eBook Export (30% off). Let readers download your blog or novel on

* Pro (25% off). Get an annual or 5-year Pro subscription for 25% off the normal price.

Read more on our @blog:

If you had trouble switching your blog to the "Novel" format — free to everyone this month for — give it another shot!

We just fixed a small bug that prevented the setting from sticking for Free users.

It's ! Like every year, that means everyone can use the "Novel" blog format all month long on, even as a Free user, and get one additional blog for your novel at no extra cost.

Read more on our @blog:

To celebrate , we're launching Cues, a blog dedicated to giving you a weekly creative . Here's our first one:

This month, to coincide with , we've made some Pro features free for everyone. But whether you're participating or not, we'll also be sharing ways you can use / to get your story out on the platform -- no matter what form it takes.

Here's our guide on how to set a blog up for your story with our "Novel" format:

One feature we're opening up for free throughout November is an extra blog. This gives you a fresh space to write your story, whether it's for or not.

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Every November, we open up some Pro features to all users so they can share their stories for . More details coming soon!

It's again! Every November we open up some of our Pro features made especially for novel writing. That includes:

- A higher character limit — all posts have the Pro limit of 500,000 characters
- The Novel blog format — this puts your blog's posts in chronological order, so each one can be a chapter that'll be read in-order
- A dedicated NaNoWriMo blog — a free additional blog just for your novel this month. Let me know if you'd like one!

More here:

For we've taken our paid novel-writing features and made them free for everyone this month 📖 ✍️

So we've lifted post length limits, unlocked the "Novel" format for blogs (chronological, dateless posts -- great for writing a chapter per post), and we'll add a dedicated blog for your novel to existing accounts if you let @matt know you want one.

Enjoy! We're looking forward to what everyone shares this month on and off

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