We're working on an open source WriteFreely app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

Read more about our latest project on the forum: discuss.write.as/t/writefreely

We now have an official WriteFreely Swift package, for anyone interested in building Mac and iOS apps for and Write.as!

Learn all about the API library here, now in Developer Preview: discuss.write.as/t/writefreely

@matt will be doing a website tour tomorrow at 8pm EDT! He’ll be chatting about his own personal web projects and how they led to Write.as and (along with a lot of discussion about them too).

It should be a great time and we'd love to see you there!


This feature will also become a core part of -- in development here: writefreely.org/pull/330

We'd love to get your input not only on the feature, but also the code behind it!

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As we mentioned in the blog post, this is our next step to help decentralize and give everyone more choice in who maintains their data and infrastructure.

@Cloud68 shares our values of privacy and user freedom, which is why we knew they were the perfect fit for a collaboration like this.

Read more on their website: cloud68.co

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Last week we announced a collaboration with our first trusted hosting provider for , @Cloud68!

Read more in our latest @blog post: write.as/blog/welcoming-our-pa

Find them on our new WriteFreely Partners page: writefreely.org/partners

2.) Consider decentralizing. (You already know this, since you're in the fediverse 🙂)

Publishing to a central service like ours gives law enforcement a single target to go after. Instead, you can create a closed community of bloggers on your own server and domain with WriteFreely.org.

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We just released another Glitch app! This one takes a Write.as post and transforms it into a customizable web page. Just write something, add a little CSS, & you're on your way!


This app is powered by a new feature in the latest release — an API endpoint that turns Markdown into HTML. Learn more about WriteFreely v0.12 here: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

ActivityPub mentions are now in !

Start conversations on the Fediverse by publishing to your blog. We're excited to see how you'll use it — whether that be responding to toots with a blog post or pairing mentions with a Mastodon bot!

Learn more about this and other features in the new v0.12 release here: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

Adding dates to blog posts is just one of many changes & features we've included to the new v0.12 release! Check them all out here: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

Our v0.12 release includes a fresh redesign of the admin dashboard, making it even easier to manage your community.

Learn more about this and other new features here: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

New theme coming from @mara_cav_! Thanks for giving us permission to share your blog's theme with the Write.as & community!


As we prepare to release v0.12 this week, we're looking ahead to v0.13. What new features and improvements would you like to see most?

Let us know on the forum: discuss.write.as/t/planning-wr

We just made a small optimization that'll have a huge impact for Write.as users.

Our Anonymous Posts page was loading pretty slowly, because we now host almost 800,000 (❗) total articles on the platform. With this little change, that page is nice and fast again — and should stay that way long into the future.

Small instances won't notice a difference with this optimization, but it'll be included in our v0.13 release: writefreely.org/pull/295

Interested in contributing to but don't know where to start? We have some open issues in the repo that would be great first tasks for anyone looking to help. Check them out here:


And if you'd like to contribute some updates or fixes to our documentation, make a pull request or create an issue on the docs repo: github.com/writefreely/documen

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We just published more documentation for that's focused on the writer's perspective - everything from adding excerpts & creating static pages for your blog to organizing posts & using drafts. Feel free to recommend & contribute documentation - the more the merrier!


For the upcoming version 0.12 release we're going to put out a release candidate. We're looking for instance admins who'd want to try it out and give feedback. Let us know if you're interested!

Two new unique themes out this week to try out and remix for your @write_as & blog! The first is a unique take on the color palette of the Nord Theme:


The second theme uniquely takes the home page and turns it into a minimalist posts index, creating a clean look for your blog:


Check out the @themes blog for more. As always we'd love to get your feedback and suggestions for new themes!

A new blog theme this week from one of our awesome users! Feel free to share your suggestions for a theme to put on the @themes blog too - even if it's outside of the Write.as or community.


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