What are your biggest questions as someone *writing* on the platform? Looking for feedback on what to include in the Writer's Guide here:


@kris We're trying to keep things simple, but you can add pictures if you upload them somewhere else, like with our Snap.as service.


@badrihippo Heh, sounds good 😄

But yeah, I would assume that if people have a post on their own blog -- imagine it was on their own domain, too -- they'd want people to be able to read the post on the blog itself. That's why I thought maybe a mention of where it was syndicated might work. But maybe writers would be okay with sending readers straight to the publication, I'm not sure.

New article about on (note: paywall): lwn.net/Articles/782945/

It's great to read something like this from someone using it for the first time: "WriteFreely has achieved its goal of making it possible to set up a new blogging site with a minimum of effort."

But also plenty of valid criticism there that'll help us making the project better.

@badrihippo So would you imagine the author's profile being hosted on the publication? Or do you mean when they click the post on the author's blog they're taken to the publication?

We'll be at in Portland, Oregon in 2 weeks!

Let us know if you'd like to grab coffee before or after the conference. Otherwise, you'll find us at booth #10096!

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The email subscriptions feature will involve new processes that regularly check for posts scheduled to be sent out via email, so with that in place, we'll be able to support federation on scheduled posts, too.

This was mentioned in #writefreely issue #76 (writefreely.org/issues/76)

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As an ongoing project, I'm hoping to get #WriteFreely federation working with all #ActivityPub-supporting platforms.

Just tested with #misskey and saw it wasn't working: github.com/syuilo/misskey/issu

Still need to see what works with #hubzilla and #osada

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My thoughts about getting Medium-style "Publications" on the #fediverse (on @write_as or otherwise).

I'm not sure how it'll work, but here are some vague ideas. Let me know what you think!


@badrihippo This would allow the author to still submit their post to multiple publications.

Some more ideas:

- Maybe editors could send their modifications back for the author to accept, which would then replace their original post (would authors want that?).
- Publications could also send a notification to the original author when their article is published, so the author's original blog post could show something like "Also published on these publications:"

@badrihippo This is great -- thanks for writing it! It's giving me a lot to think about.

You're right about much of how everything works right now. After reading your post, I'm thinking "boosting" as well for creating federated publications. But the trickiest part of all of this is allowing editing, as well.

If edits only need to apply to a single publication, maybe authors could send a post to a publication via AP, editors would edit it, then publish it as a new post (with attribution)

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Just started a new blog at gerritniezen.com using Write.as (@write_as)

It's pretty awesome that Write.as enables me to add my blog to the fediverse at

2018 was the first year we received requests for user data or to have content taken down, so we're going to start releasing an annual report with this kind of information.

Read about the requests we received in 2018 and how we responded in our latest @intheopen blog post: write.as/intheopen/2018-transp

@digitalgyoza @matt Yeah, sorry I didn't mention that before. The HTML isn't getting removed from the metadata like it shoudl (right now we only remove Markdown).

If you're comfortable filing a bug report on GitHub for this, that'll help us track the issue and get people on it:


But if not, no worries, I'll add it to the list and make sure it gets fixed.

@digitalgyoza @matt Hmm, not sure what's going on with HTML in the description just by looking at it.. will need to dig in a bit and get back to you.

Write.as does support iframes, so you should be able to just paste in the embed code you get from sites like youtube. But let me know if a site you try doesn't work.

New on @readwriteas: global hashtag browsing! Now you can browse posts across all public blogs by topic, like : read.write.as/t/blogging

If you publish publicly, be sure to add hashtags somewhere in your post. There's no algorithm here; the humans behind Write.as will periodically look at popular tags and choose certain ones to showcase at the top of the site.

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@gaab @dublinux No worries. That first request returns the `preferredUsername` and `url` -- Mastodon uses that information to do the webfinger request next, combining preferredUrl and the top-level domain pulled out of the url.

@gaab @dublinux Gotcha. You'll want to return ActivityStreams data when you receive a request on your actor with 'application/activity+json' in the 'Accept' header. E.g.:

curl -H 'Accept: application/activity+json' write.as/blog/

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