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As we get ready to release the next version of #WriteFreely this month, we could use your help reviewing some open pull requests!

* Draft list paging - writefreely.org/pull/356

* Support logging out of password-protected blogs - writefreely.org/pull/444

* Always show post actions on mobile devices - writefreely.org/pull/449

* Accept general text/* files on post import - writefreely.org/pull/450

* Disable Ace editor on touchscreen devices - writefreely.org/pull/452


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We've moved the #WriteFreely repo on GitHub! To make things less confusing, now it belongs to the `writefreely` org instead of `writeas`


It's ! For all of April, we're accepting your poetry submissions to share on @readwriteas.

Read more and submit your work via @submit_as: submit.as/cues/national-poetry

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We’re currently experiencing a large amount of automated, abusive activity, so we’ve introduced more strict rate-limiting on our publishing API for now.

Read more on our forum: discuss.write.as/t/new-rate-li

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Besides our previously mentioned issue following blogs from Mastodon, we had some additional configuration-related issues with federation on Write.as. That’s now fixed, so now you should be able to follow your blog from the fediverse again!

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We’ve started putting all of our current help resources into one place: our new Help page! Check it out, whether you’re just getting started or looking to do more advanced things with Write.as.

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Here's a link to an article I wrote on integrating the Sparkle updater framework into WriteFreely, a SwiftUI-lifecycle Mac app using SPM. write.as/angelo/integrating-sp

@angelostavrow led development on this -based tool -- and then used it to move his old Hugo blog over to Write.as!

You can find the end result here: angelostavrow.blog

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This tool will nicely upload all of your Hugo posts to a instance -- perfect for migrating to a more writer-friendly blogging platform like ours.

Plus, if you're a Write.as Pro user, this will also migrate all of your photos to @snap_as!

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@aspie4K Unfortunately, a free trial would be pretty complex to implement in the app. But you can also get a refund from Apple if it turns out the app doesn't meet your expectations. As always, I'd love to hear your input if you try it out!

Thanks again for using , it means a lot. And thanks for the feedback.

@aspie4K It's awesome to hear you like the platform so much! And I appreciate your feedback on the price.

We priced it this way because people really enjoy having a native iOS app, and of course it took months of effort for us to build. But it's fast, it's free software (github.com/writeas/writefreely), and you only pay £15 once to get all improvements forever.

Still, we do run discounts on the app occasionally -- you could always watch out for those by following our @deals blog.

For a while, users weren't able to follow Write.as / WriteFreely blogs from Mastodon if their instance's "Authorized Fetch" feature was enabled.

We just fixed that on Write.as, so now you shouldn't have any trouble following blogs! We could also use your help reviewing and verifying this fix in : writefreely.org/pull/439

@kushal @jason This is so awesome to see! If we can support with any resources, tutorials, etc., please let me know.

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Just a quick heads up: we'll be moving the #WriteFreely repo on GitHub to its own organization (github.com/writefreely)

@toobadyourebeautiful This is so great to hear. Thank you for making it your home, and for supporting us!

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