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@EatSleepBoost Yep! You can upgrade whenever you're ready. Also happy to set you up with a free Pro trial if you want.

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Can anyone rec me some Plume/Write.as/"Article"-federating blogs, about activism, social justice, gender stuff, neurodiversity, media reviews, community managing, DIY stuff or anything else I might be interested in?

My current Plume feed is only people from my own instance and the other accounts there don't follow people outside the instance either lol

@kravietz Hmm, that old page with reCAPTCHA shouldn't be linked anywhere on our site... Where are you navigating to it from?

Current signup / subscribe pages don't have reCAPTCHA:


@maloki I've been thinking about some kind of "publications" functionality for a bit (one discussion here: discuss.write.as/t/interested-). Still just figuring out what that would need to entail. Would love to hear your ideas -- what would you like to see?

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Now you can (finally) include an email subscription box on any Write.as post! (Including a static page, like this one: write.as/matt/subscribe)

Read more about this change on the forum:

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We're going to phase out our Casual plan for new users next month, as we move towards a focus on our apps and helping more instances get started.

Read more on @intheopen: write.as/intheopen/casual-phas

@danielmrose Definitely! Not a user myself, but I've heard of it, and would love to get your feedback on the integration once it launches.

@danielmrose Thanks, noted! Micro.blog actually uses a standard API (Micropub), so supporting them would also allow cross-posting to other platforms using that same standard. Definitely something we want to add.

Will keep you in the loop as we make progress on that!

@succfemboi Yeah, that's how we do it today.. Only parts of the app not included in the binary are static / template files. But there are no external dependencies.

We like to talk about how lightweight is by saying it's "light enough to run on a Raspberry Pi." But to actually do that, you'd need to go through the work of compiling everything yourself.

Well, not anymore. Now we'll be releasing ARMv7 builds that can run on a Raspberry Pi, starting with WriteFreely v0.10.

Download that build here:

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#Writefreely for #YunoHost has been upgraded to version 0.10.0

Detailed Fixes: github.com/writeas/writefreely

Major Features:
* Fully Private Instances
* Landing Page Customization

Upgrade with the following command:

$ yunohost app upgrade writefreely -u github.com/YunoHost-Apps/write

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GOSH I love reading full articles from @write_as in the new single-column view.

The attached screenshot is after clicking through a "read article" link, one of the features of my new Mastodon fork, Hometown. I hope to have documentation and release notes ready to go by the end of the week!


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Done! All instances are now up-to-date on #WriteFreely v0.10.0 :writefreely2:

This update brings plenty of fixes, instance-wide privacy, and the ability to customize your landing page!

Read the full list of changes on the @writefreely blog: blog.writefreely.org/version-0

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