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: Poseur to Composer (@poseur-to-composer) – A daily blog about a man's quest to read and play music.

Not only for those who want to learn music, but also for those who want to see what documenting their learning process can look like.


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: One Less App / @one-less-app, a collection of capsule biographies for each app removed from the author's phone – what the app is, what value it gave, and why it was removed. Simple yet intriguing, this blog is a unique take on digital minimalism.


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In Prague this week for ! Looking forward to talking about and other projects the @write_as team is working on.

Web Development / Javascript Woes 

@ricardojmendez Would also love to hear those non-trivial suggestions, if you don't mind sharing! Our forum (discuss.write.as) is a great place for this, since it helps us gather wider community feedback on any suggestions.

Either way, thanks again for the input!

@ricardojmendez This is all great feedback -- thanks for sharing! To address some of them:

- While the editor is always meant to hold the last in-progress draft, there is a workflow that allows multiple drafts: howto.write.as/creating-a-draf

- Settings should persist on the local level (they won't if you change browsers / devices)

- We're working on a more complex editor (write.as/labs#classic) that'll likely support scheduling posts before publishing. Still a ways off, though

@elementary Very, very nice 😍

And thanks for the shout-out!

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My continued work on #Mastodon is possible thanks to these generous patrons:


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* ActivityPub Conference 2019 * Speakers announced

Just making a page - see the schedule

#activitypub #fediverse #apconf

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@Odd_Bloke @writeas_dev Awesome, thanks for sharing! We'll spread this around.

Also please feel free to post it on the forum!

@cidney @brainblasted Would always love to hear any feedback they / you have on usability! (Ideal place is on discuss.write.as)

Goal is to make Write.as / WriteFreely accessible to as many people as possible, tech-savvy or not, and right now we're actually working with other users on precisely this. Would be great to get your input, too.

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I want to make a positive announcement. Since July I have been working as a contractor on the @write_as desktop app! It’s a small contract with a budding company, so it doesn’t pay rent yet, but it’s income.

Any contributions or pointers while I’m looking for more work would be greatly appreciated.

@brainblasted Glad to have you on the team 🙂 And excited about what we're going to build together!

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@yogthos Yep, definitely something we want to do. We have a discussion for this here: discuss.write.as/t/remote-foll

(But note that people can also search for blogs via URL, so if someone enters "strangevistas.com" in the Mastodon search bar it'll also come up.)

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