@aris We could definitely use help forking an API library like github.com/writeas/go-writeas, renaming it for WriteFreely, and ensuring it doesn't have any Write.as-specific functionality left in it.

We could also use help splitting up the writeas-cli repo into writefreely-cli, putting the bulk of the shared code there while maintaining the writeas-cli repo.

@darius @sexybiggetje Definitely a good point.

Moving the GitHub repos wouldn't add any ongoing maintenance work, just the initial work reorganizing things. So we could handle that.

But separate API docs, developer resources, etc. would require extra ongoing work. Probably a little too early for that, resource-wise.

I've been thinking about moving some development resources to their own dedicated space, instead of keeping everything so closely tied to Write.as.

Any thoughts? Interested in helping with this? discuss.write.as/t/separating-

@ghosty Sorry, I know this is frustrating. For now, I'd suggest tapping somewhere on the body text of the post to make the menu appear.

Otherwise we have an issue open for this right now: writefreely.org/issues/309

@konc Ah, sorry about that! I just cancelled your subscription, which you can double-check here: write.as/me/billing

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A regular reminder to our #dev friends to keep #privacy for your users on your issues list.

- Avoid using third party systems to host fonts, scripts, etc.
- Try Google analytics alternatives like @plausible or @Matomo
- Capture as little personally identifiable information as possible (do you really need their full name, phone number, etc?)
- Purge your PII regularly
- Share info with fewer systems and notify your users

Place their privacy at least equal to your needs.

#programming #html

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Now there's a new way to discover writers on @write_as at your own pace: read.write.as/writers

While the Read Write.as feed can be a great place for discovering writers, infrequent posters can get lost in the stream. So this list shows all active writers on the site.

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#371 Navigation improvements - writefreely.org/pull/371

A few months ago, as we worked on collaborative blogs on Write.as, we quietly rolled out some navigation improvements. They made it easier to get around different blog sections (Customize, Stats, View) and get back to the editor -- plus they made things more consistent. Now we're happy to bring these changes to ! This pull request is ready for review and merging.

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#369 Support Web Monetization - writefreely.org/pull/369

We've started experimenting with the standard, so readers can stream payments to writers. This is a very early feature, but we want to get feedback from everyone as soon as possible, so we can build this around you.

More discussion on the forum: discuss.write.as/t/web-monetiz

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#356 Draft list paging - writefreely.org/pull/356

Now you can page through your Drafts section, instead of scrolling endlessly. This also means a faster-loading page, especially when you have a ton of drafts. This needs one final piece before being ready to merge, but we'd appreciate any reviews in the meantime!

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Recent experimental changes on Write.as have started making their way over to , and are open for review and comments! 1/

@weirdwriter Yep, saw the bug reports, but haven't found a CSS solution yet. Would love to know what you find, if you do! @writeas_dev

We're looking to improve our / Write.as developer resources in the near future, and want to hear what you'd like to see!

Let us know on the forum: discuss.write.as/t/developer-r

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Medium update 

@weirdwriter Unfortunately we don't have a way to import those posts right now, since they're plain HTML instead of a more machine-readable format (last time we checked).

If there are any tools out there to convert posts to Markdown, you could always import those files! Otherwise we hope to support this natively in the future.


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WriteFreely is a free open federated blogging platform, and part of the Fediverse.

You can follow the official blog at:

➡️ @writefreely

You can also follow the creators of WriteFreely, Write.as here:

➡️ @write_as

The official site is at writefreely.org

Instances to join: writefreely.org/instances

Instructions for self-hosting: writefreely.org/start

Managed hosting service: writefreely.host

#WriteFreely #Blogs #Blogging #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

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