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Write.as @write_as@writing.exchange

A little peek at what Snap.as pricing will look like: we.snap.as/pricing-plans

Good news! A yearly Pro subscription is now only $40.

If you're already an annual Pro subscriber, get the new pricing by switching to the monthly plan and then back again, as shown here. write.as/me/plan writing.exchange/media/ct2vEGF

Now you can include external links and general Markdown in your post titles, like this:

# [A Place to Write](write.as)

...great for when you want to write Daring Fireball-style posts where you reference an article in the title.

Now you can delete Snap.as photos, and it'll let you know if doing so will mess up any of your Write.as posts ๐Ÿ‘ writing.exchange/media/uNhNn_K

Version 2.0 of the Android app: coming by the end of March, for real this time.


Some pricing changes coming next week โ€” specifically, the price for an annual Pro subscription is dropping to $40


Slight improvement to post titles and slugs tonight: no more image URLs showing up in slugs, and we now fall back to a photo's alt text if necessary.

If you were encountering issues editing post metadata in Safari and other non-Chrome or -Firefox browsers before, those issues are no more! โœจ

Now we're partially localized in Russian

Would you rather compose your posts in Vim? Now you can publish straight to Write.as with this awesome Vim plugin from @International โŒจ github.com/Internationa1/write

Certain elements of blogs are now localized in Japanese!

I did this a little while ago, and even when I stopped promoting it letters still came in. So between that and having some time again, I invite anyone interested to request some free stickers!

Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope over to Florida and I'll send a couple Write.as stickers back!


Thanks to everyone who's helped translate the app so far, certain blog elements are now localized in Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, French, and Italian! Thank you all! write.as/thanks

Know a language other than English? Want your Write.as blogs fully localized in your language? We'd be eternally grateful for your help translating parts of the app! Feel free to jump in here: poeditor.com/join/project/TIZ6

development progress Show more

Looks like Mastodon cross-posting is working ๐Ÿ˜€ Now to clean the code up a bit and test some more.

We're starting to localize all blogs and show common elements in the language you're writing in. Today, you'll see dates in the correct format ๐Ÿ“…

Something not look right? Simply edit a post's metadata and fix its language to get the right format. writing.exchange/media/-fvvOPq

@ruara Yep, though we're not sure when we'll support it in an automated / self-service way. If you'd like to pay with it in the near future, just let me know what currency you want to use and we should be able to accept it!