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Some exciting additions coming in today's v0.6 release, including support for SQLite, and an optional public timeline for your instance, à la @readwriteas.

Just opened a pull request for SQLite support on , meaning no more hassle setting up a separate database to run it. Would love any help reviewing and testing this big change!

Heh, this is pretty much what I imagined the "local timeline" on WF being -- a cross between a directory of users who wanted to be listed on it, and a stream of the most recent posts from them.

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Threw together a guide on how to quickly get started on / , including formatting text, organizing posts, and answers to some common questions.

Anything still missing from this?

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Got the Instances list up and running on the site. If you have an instance, you can add it here!

Do you use Emacs Org mode? Check out WriteFreely.el, a library from @dani that lets you publish your Org-mode files to any instance!

Have been so caught up with development that I forgot to mention some of the improvements and fixes recently deployed on

- Federation with works now 🎉
- Fixed RSS feeds for "Novel" formatted blogs
- Fixed em dashes and some other glyphs in the default font, Lora
- Moving an anonymous post to a federation-enabled blog now federates that post
- The API now accepts a `created` value when publishing a post -- great for maintaining post dates while importing posts

It's Release Monday! A new version, 0.3, is out now!

This includes a ton of stability improvements, as well as new features like an admin dashboard.

Read more about it on our @writefreely blog: boosted

Hey, do you use @write_as ?

Do you want a comment box for your blog?

Good thing I wrote a tutorial on how to embed one, eh?

You can read it here: boosted boosted

Re-opened registrations on our demo instance,, for anyone who wants to try it out!

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