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‘German Regulators Just Outlawed Facebook's Whole Ad Business’

“Facebook will no longer be allowed to force its users to agree to the practically unrestricted collection and assigning of non-Facebook data to their Facebook user accounts…”

Also on our forum:

I'm looking to feature some instances on If you're running a permanent instance and want to be included, let me know! boosted

Ajouter un logo à son blog avec Write Freely et

Il est assez facile d’ajouter un logo à son blog publié avec Write Freely ou hébergé sur Il suffit pour cela d’utiliser la fonction « custom CSS » intégrée, qui permet d’ajouter des définitions de styles personnalisées. Voici quelques exemples de code pour commencer à jouer avec le design de son site.

#writefreely #writeas @write_as

Updated our instances page to show a bit more information, like how many blogs are allowed.

With the next WF release, we'll also be able to see if your instance has a public reader enabled, and if so, will display a direct link to it on this page. boosted boosted

Planned maintenance 

There will be a bit of downtime (up to 30 minutes) on February 4 at 01:30 UTC while we do some server maintenance. This will affect blogs on a custom domain or subdomain, but not the main application, API, etc. boosted

Infrastructure upgrades 

Upgrade complete! No issues at all. Still, if you notice any, please let me know.

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Infrastructure upgrades 

I'm really happy about how far we've gotten on very modest infrastructure -- @writefreely can handle a *lot* of users at once. But past 40k+ users, there are some situations where resources get quickly depleted, like when a post is boosted in the fediverse. While we work on performance improvements to the application itself, this will at least keep things running smoothly.

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Infrastructure upgrades 

Upgrading our database capacity right now to better handle traffic spikes. This will improve performance of all blogs and @writefreelyhost communities, especially during times of high traffic.

You shouldn't encounter any downtime / issues while we do this, but let us know if you do.

Looking for some feedback on adding support for an Imprint page on / WriteFreely blogs. Ideally, we'd support it through the current page-pinning mechanism. What do you think?

Just got our stickers in the mail! I'll be handing these and our stickers out at next weekend - @matt boosted boosted

All sites are now up-to-date on #WriteFreely v0.8!

One of the biggest changes in this release is the ability to let your users send out invites. If you want to enable this on your instance, you can head to the admin dashboard now to enable it!

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I must say I've been impressed with WriteFreely -

Created by @write_as . The creator and main developer has been a refreshing change from past experiences. He has been active, personable and helpful in online exchanges; is determined to make his creation as user friendly and applicable as possible.

Definately worth considering if you are looking for a blogging platform. Either the @write_as or @writefreely versions.

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Comme il y a beaucoup (trop) de liens qui circulent ici qui pointent sur j'en profite pour signaler l'extension Make Medium Readable Again pour Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Brave, et Vivaldi.

Cela permet de dégager tout ce qui empêche de lire le contenu lorsque l'on a pas un compte sur Medium: pop-up de retape, bannière géante de publication, etc.

Cela a été développé par Matt Baer le créateur de @write_as c'est du libre et cela fonctionne.

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