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I haven't really done a formal one of these so here we go:

I write essays about writing, government, philosophy, religion, software and anything else that interests me. My goal is to provide high quality evidence based content on a bi-weekly basis, and to promote the use of critical thinking.

I also write fiction on #Tapas.

I am a big proponent of FOSS and federation, and am launching the new home for my writing on @write_as

More details here: boosted

Updated the #WriteFreely Instances page to explain more of what's going on, and to not prioritize over everyone else's instance anymore.

At this point, it gets enough exposure elsewhere on the site. The goal for this page is to help all these other great communities grow. boosted

If you're at all interested in the development / progress of and , I'd highly recommend following @writeas_dev.

Whereas I try to keep this account low-volume and limited to the important stuff, the dev account often contains what we're working on at any given moment, as well as new issues, small fixes, and our future plans.

Even if you're not a developer but instead run a WriteFreely instance — or just publish on one — there's relevant information for you there. boosted

Could use some input on this. Would data URIs be useful for you in WriteFreely? Or not needed?

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@Kye You can always pay monthly if you prefer. Often people will actually find that they end up using the other features on Pro that they didn't imagine using at first, so you might see the same thing.

Otherwise, it's always available with WriteFreely, whether you host yourself or join another instance:

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@Kye It's on Pro because people find it valuable. 🙂 We have to eat somehow. And based on my experience, it's not a required feature -- 99% of people on find the platform useful without having it at all. subsidizes their free users with their sheer scale and, of course, advertising. We're working to help more people understand this, but a web that isn't subsidized by ads means that users have to start paying for the things they use. boosted

I'm working on an integration with another blogging platform (which one? it's a surprise) that has me thinking about improving the #WriteFreely install process.

I'd like to get it down to one command (instead of the 2-4 it takes now). And if it could do things like set up a systemd service, that'd be awesome.


We're changing how many blogs are included with a subscription.

This will let you choose exactly how many blogs you need under one account, whether that's 2, 10, or 35 — but additional blogs past the number included with your plan will cost $12 per year, each.

So if you want to lock in the current number of blogs included with Casual or Pro, now is a great time to upgrade, as you'll be grandfathered in. These changes will go into effect in the next day or so. boosted boosted boosted

Very happy to have made the leap to a @write_as pro plan.
Today I needed help with a problem with the username and the url of the @snap_as service and they solved it very quickly.
It's time to move the rest of the content from Blogger / Wordpress and customize blogs
Thanks @matt

Here are some more customized sites that have been built with /

Love seeing what people have been able to do with a simple layout and a bit of CSS.

Put together a comprehensive guide for contributing to — everything from documentation to code. This will be an evolving document for outlining our current processes, communication channels, places the project needs help, etc.

Any questions still? Anything I missed?

Wrote an article for about starting a community with :

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I was getting increasingly doubtful of Medium as a blogging service for my devlog, so I'm happy to have migrated over to @write_as

It's looking pretty clean!

You can even technically follow the blog on the fediverse, although I'm not entirely sure of the use at this stage.

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We published an announcement via @write_as from #Florence

You can follow @florence to always receive updates!

Does Mastodon Spark Joy? No. -- meet Florence:

Just launched Labs, a section of the platform for experimental new features, available to all Pro users. We'll be using this corner of the platform to try out different ideas, gather feedback, make improvements, and then bring the feature into the core product (including ), if it makes sense.

Our first feature is an alternative web-based editor with a more traditional UI for publishing to -- the Classic Editor.

Try it out now on Labs: boosted

Rediscovered this talk today, and just realized how much it ended up influencing me and what I've been doing over the past several years. boosted
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