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One feature we're opening up for free throughout November is an extra blog. This gives you a fresh space to write your story, whether it's for or not.

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: Mike's Thoughts (@blog) – an absorbing blog of a former archaeologist and IT manager traveling around Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

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We've joined other fediverse projects on the SocialHub forum, with dedicated categories for and ! Feel free to join us over there.



Every November, we open up some Pro features to all users so they can share their stories for . More details coming soon! boosted

We have a blog!

We'll be posting at least once a week, and you can follow it thanks to @writeas_org ! boosted boosted

We're finally taking care of all the non-technical work needed on, like better help documentation and minor annoying bugs / missing pieces.

For example, we're putting all our help on (fittingly) a blog,, and then linking to that site from various places in the application. (Previously, we might've linked to an old Help page from 2015 or

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Anyone running #WriteFreely via Docker, by any chance?

I'd like to deploy it to one of my VPSes, but everything is running there in Docker, wouldn't want to set up WriteFreely + deps outside.

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: Counting Calories (@countingcalories) – a blog documenting one man's goal to lose 52 lbs in 52 weeks for a good cause, Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Excited to support #ActivityPub mentions in #WriteFreely! (In progress here:

So far it works great with #Pleroma, but #Mastodon doesn't support mentions in the Articles we send out (only Notes). So we've opened an issue to fix this: boosted

Hi Fediverse 👋

let me sum up the situation around #switchingsocial

Around September 20th, the original (anonymous) author of shut down its website and all related Social Media accounts, including mastodon 🤔

This info reached me (@tobias ) the next day via my German version @swisode .

As there hasn't been any sign of life since then, I restored the website and created this new account. Right now I'm out of spare time to work on it, but that'll change in a few weeks 🙂 boosted

: The blog of medic Mikka Luster (@mikka) – a diary about travel, medicine, technology, and whatever else comes to his mind. Fascinating thoughts from a fascinating individual.

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You may see a "deceptive site" warning when navigating to right now. We've removed the problematic page and notified Google, so hopefully this should go away soon.

In the meantime, you can click "Details" and "visit this unsafe site" in Chrome (or "ignore the risk" in Firefox). boosted

: A World of Writers (@erinlassoff) – a collection of reviews of literary works by underrepresented people from around the world. Illuminating for bringing attention to compelling reads that would otherwise be overlooked:

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Our writing submission tool,, is now in open beta! And we're looking for your feedback.

If you want to try it out and tell us what you think, just let us know!

More details on the forum:

There's also @qwazix talking about our latest experiment, Pherephone -- and what it was like to implement ActivityPub for the first time.

"I don't know what I'm talking about"

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