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We just pushed all the latest #WriteFreely changes on `develop` to all of our @writeas_teams users! This includes the new admin dashboard and better limits on the Reader (now number-based, not time-based, so you should see older posts in the Reader).

We got "Publish via Email" working again for our Pro users! Thank you so much for your patience during the process. If you haven't heard of the feature but are interested in using it, learn more here: boosted

On a long train ride, from DC to San Antonio. Apparently I'm in the mood to code for fun this week, because I just added Gopher support in : boosted

For : Open Source Musings (@blog) - a blog about Open Source written in an approachable manner, showing that anyone can use Linux & Open Source in their daily lives. Full of link roundups, simple tutorials, and helpful recommendations.

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My first #opensource project live now: @webimg is image manipulation library written in #golang that currently is able to #watermark image with PNG logo at desired transparency. Primary intention to use it with @writeas_dev #writefreely image upload 🤓 Check it out it's free software 👏

We're working on a redesign of the admin dashboard, and would love to get your feedback!

This adds some nice navigation, a more user-friendly configuration page, and lets you optionally hide technical app stuff if you don't need to see it. boosted boosted

Awesome project to support. 50% of 5-year plans.

Signed up for a sub today. I'd been meaning to for a while. I'm glad I finally did.

For more see these accounts:

We're updating our Contributing Guide for developers and want to know what you think! Is anything still missing? Anything still unclear?

Preview the new guide here:

Let us know your feedback on our open pull request:

New blog theme this week comes from one of our regulars, Dino (@blog )! It incorporates everything from subtle CSS styling to a custom footer on every post!

Be sure to follow @themes for more custom styling possibilities for your or blog!!

What would a free-form, invite chatroom built on the @write_as editor look like? Try it out with our newest Glitch app powered by TogetherJS!

Have any input on the in ? We're working on small, gradual improvements now, and we'd love to hear your feedback!

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For : Souterra (@blog) - a growing archive of interesting videos, articles, and links ranging from food and tech to pop-culture and science.

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Want to turn a post into a single page site? Our new Glitch app uses the powerful Eleventy static site generator to do just this! Shoutouts go to Zack Leatherman for his work with Eleventy and Tom Critchlow for his site's design as the app's template.

Check out the app here:

Past Glitch apps can be found here:

The new theme this week has been a long time coming - our official "Dark mode" for the default blog theme! It pairs nicely with the dark mode of the editor.

Follow @themes for more custom themes to use for your or blog! boosted

For : tryingpoetry (@blog) - a blog of freeform poetry ranging in mood & subject matter - "interpret however you want."

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Our community is creating cool stuff with Glitch! Check out this user-created app that makes an archive of your @write_as blog that you can embed in a post:

Here's a new theme from the @write_as community. This one is from the online magazine Extratone!

Be sure to follow @themes for more themes to use & remix for your blog! boosted is doing wonderful stuff for the microblogging space! We wanted to give them a shout-out by adding one of their elegant themes to our collection. So here's "Marfa", the latest addition to the @write_as themes blog:

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