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Adding dates to blog posts is just one of many changes & features we've included to the new v0.12 release! Check them all out here: boosted boosted boosted

If you had trouble upgrading to #WriteFreely v0.12 and are running MariaDB, be sure to check out the updated migration notes:

Thanks to @kushal for helping test and verify the fix! boosted

So we have #100DaysOfCode. What about #100DaysToOffload where you blog about something...anything...every day for 100 days.

Not having a blog isn't an excuse - you can sign up for a free one with @write_as. 😃

Anyone interested?

Our v0.12 release includes a fresh redesign of the admin dashboard, making it even easier to manage your community.

Learn more about this and other new features here: boosted

We've been making improvements to our new eBook export feature & we're excited for you to try it:

Test it out by downloading our blog as an eBook! boosted boosted boosted

"Flickering and lonely light
drifting away from the night..."

We've been enjoying everyone's entries for . And there's still time to add your original poetry too! Feel free to submit it here:

New theme coming from @mara_cav_! Thanks for giving us permission to share your blog's theme with the & community!

As we prepare to release v0.12 this week, we're looking ahead to v0.13. What new features and improvements would you like to see most?

Let us know on the forum:

Two new poems to start another week of !

Here's one from Hudson, author of the gorgeous @bodyofwater:

And another from Christine:

We're still accepting original poetry to put on @readwriteas! Feel free to submit your own poem here:

New poems are coming in for ! Here's another recent entry:

We'd love for you to join in! Submit your poetry, no sign-up required, for a chance to have it featured on our bustling writing community over at @readwriteas:

Want to turn your blog into an eBook? We just launched a new feature to do just this — eBook exports for all your blogs & hashtagged posts!

We'd love for you to try it out. Take a look at our announcement to learn how to participate:

@dogtrax with a great "found poem" for our prompt that includes a link to a riveting recitation!

Thanks to everyone who has sent us their poetry so far! Be sure to submit yours if you haven't already:

Today we're launching a new beta feature — eBook exports!

A small, one-time payment gets you eBook exports for all your blogs & all improvements we'll make in the future. Learn more in our forum announcement:

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