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We now have an official WriteFreely Swift package, for anyone interested in building Mac and iOS apps for and!

Learn all about the API library here, now in Developer Preview:

Just a reminder that @matt will be chatting about personal websites, online writing, & the fediverse tonight at 8PM EDT!

The call will be hosted on & recorded for those who can't attend. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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@matt will be doing a website tour tomorrow at 8pm EDT! He’ll be chatting about his own personal web projects and how they led to and (along with a lot of discussion about them too).

It should be a great time and we'd love to see you there! boosted

We've just released a new add-on: Post Signatures! Easily add and update a consistent bit of text at the end of every blog post.

Read more on our forum:

This feature will also become a core part of -- in development here:

We'd love to get your input not only on the feature, but also the code behind it!

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We've just released a new add-on: Post Signatures! Easily add and update a consistent bit of text at the end of every blog post.

Read more on our forum: boosted

"Give Writing" promotion 

For the past couple months, we've encouraged you to write with a loved one, friend or family.

There's still a week left to get a free additional Pro account for someone when you upgrade to Pro. boosted

As we mentioned in the blog post, this is our next step to help decentralize and give everyone more choice in who maintains their data and infrastructure.

@Cloud68 shares our values of privacy and user freedom, which is why we knew they were the perfect fit for a collaboration like this.

Read more on their website:

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Last week we announced a collaboration with our first trusted hosting provider for , @Cloud68!

Read more in our latest @blog post:

Find them on our new WriteFreely Partners page: boosted

Hello Mastodon!

I have moved my blog to @write_as! Also, I have started the #100DaysToOffload challenge. Never to late to start ;)

Day 1 here: boosted boosted boosted

* Write.freely blog - a guide for new users *

@angedestenebres made a nice and illustrated guide for new users of Write.freely blogs, but it's all in French.

Goal is to help people interested in using the write.freely instance at — which has been my blog's home. This morning I took some time and translated her guide to English.

Now the page is on my blog:

[ Repost of Release announcement, December 2019. ]

#WriteFreely #Blogs #NewUsers #Writers #Tools #QotoJournal worthy boosted

New idea for : linked mention support for non- platforms like Twitter.

This is a common pattern you see in the : "RT". Of course, Twitter doesn't speak AP. But why not at least bridge the gap for users and link to the profile?

Those are my ideas behind this latest pull request: boosted

We've disabled publishing on due to an excessive number of phishing pages getting published.

In the meantime, you can still use the editor to try out some HTML and preview it in real time! boosted boosted

We can see the @Tor ‘Onion-Location’ feature on @write_as website, photo from the live session by Tor team. boosted

Now you can schedule prompts to be published in the future!

Just select "Schedule for later" before publishing.

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