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In the hopes of writing more, then, I’m aiming to move everything over to a hosted blogging platform, consolidating both long-form articles and quick notes into a single place:

Hosted on @write_as, natch.

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After years of running a Hugo-powered blog and having built a custom theme for it, I’m (finally) coming to the realization that the more work I have to do to publish a though, the less likely I am to do it.

Kinda obvious in retrospect, I guess. boosted

A nice feeling - Upgrade Blog Instance version

And success. Thank you to @matt and the @write_as team - all went perfectly.

Windows 10 install, one year anniversary now. And I sweated it out fearing a database crash, never happened.

* Made full .rar archive of existing install.
* unzip new version, new folder.
* copied over config.ini
* copied over keys folder files.

And voilá -- WF is up.

is wonderful - a for
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We've just revamped how SSL certificates are generated on custom domains, so setup should be much smoother for everyone now.

Read more on our forum:

End of November sale 

We're offering discounts on two paid features today (only):

* eBook Export (30% off). Let readers download your blog or novel on

* Pro (25% off). Get an annual or 5-year Pro subscription for 25% off the normal price.

Read more on our @blog: boosted

thanks to the magic of @write_as my current :nanowrimo: #NaNoWriMo project is now available as a rough and ready e-book, if you like reading on e-ink readers or dedicated reader software instead of on the web.

And honestly, who could blame you?

Anyway, free epub downloads here: boosted

Now when you @-mention a @funkwhale profile from a post, you'll land on the right page!

Recently fixed here:

We just released v1.0.1 of our iOS app!

This update comes with plenty of quality-of-life improvements, plus some bug fixes. See the full changelog on the forum:

If you had trouble switching your blog to the "Novel" format — free to everyone this month for — give it another shot!

We just fixed a small bug that prevented the setting from sticking for Free users.

We just released a new beta version of our iOS app! If you're a tester, you can get the latest release on TestFlight now. boosted

Hey, #WriteFreely #writeas users! 👋 Quite a lot of you here, almost 300 nodes. Can you please explain your use cases of the software? Why is it better than posting thoughts in any long-format Fediverse network? AFAIK, WriteFreely has no notifications in web interface. It doesn't show followers (except the count). It shows no comments under posts inside the interface. Do authors answer to comments from other apps? Don't you miss comments from your readers? Or is it supposed to be a one-way train? boosted boosted

It's ! Like every year, that means everyone can use the "Novel" blog format all month long on, even as a Free user, and get one additional blog for your novel at no extra cost.

Read more on our @blog:

It's ! Like every year, that means everyone can use the "Novel" blog format all month long on, even as a Free user, and get one additional blog for your novel at no extra cost.

Read more on our @blog: boosted

The new is here! 📸

If you've been with us for a while, you'll want to migrate your photos and data to the new system. Just log in and click the "Update" button to do that!

An update on our upcoming @snap_as migration -- in short, no planned downtime, and you'll be able to kick off the update yourself starting tomorrow (Monday, October 26). boosted

We're finally leaving the "alpha" development stage! As part of this, we'll need to move everyone to our new infrastructure.

Previously, we mentioned this could involve some downtime. Instead, your photos and galleries will become read-only this coming Monday (Oct. 26), and then you'll simply log in and start the migration yourself. boosted

Yesterday, v1.0 of the WriteFreely app for iOS launched on the App Store — I wrote a bit about my experience building it in #SwiftUI here, as well as what's next: boosted

Of course, the iOS app also works with our hosted service, So if you've been waiting to log in to your account on iOS, now you can at last!

Here's how to do that:

(We unfortunately don't have a way to migrate anonymous posts from our v1.0 iOS app today, but we hope to in the future!)

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