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Besides our previously mentioned issue following blogs from Mastodon, we had some additional configuration-related issues with federation on That’s now fixed, so now you should be able to follow your blog from the fediverse again! boosted

We’ve started putting all of our current help resources into one place: our new Help page! Check it out, whether you’re just getting started or looking to do more advanced things with boosted

Here's a link to an article I wrote on integrating the Sparkle updater framework into WriteFreely, a SwiftUI-lifecycle Mac app using SPM.

@angelostavrow led development on this -based tool -- and then used it to move his old Hugo blog over to!

You can find the end result here:

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This tool will nicely upload all of your Hugo posts to a instance -- perfect for migrating to a more writer-friendly blogging platform like ours.

Plus, if you're a Pro user, this will also migrate all of your photos to @snap_as!

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For a while, users weren't able to follow / WriteFreely blogs from Mastodon if their instance's "Authorized Fetch" feature was enabled.

We just fixed that on, so now you shouldn't have any trouble following blogs! We could also use your help reviewing and verifying this fix in : boosted

Just a quick heads up: we'll be moving the #WriteFreely repo on GitHub to its own organization (

Now it's easier to keep your password-protected blogs private. When you're done reading, just click "Log out" 🔒

That's why the support we've seen from our users and contributors means the world to me and everyone on our small team. We couldn't have gotten this far without you.

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We launched this long-term subscription last year, to look to our next 5 years of building a calm, independent company that'll still be here decades from now.

After other VC-funded companies have come and gone, we'll still be here, answering only to the people who use our software -- because they're the ones who help keep our lights on.

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Birthday discount on Pro 🎂 

Today is the last day to grab a 25% discount on our 5-year Pro plan! This deal lasts until 11:59pm Eastern.

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Thanks for bringing in our 6th year with us this month! 🎂

We just released some improvements to Post Signatures!

* Signatures are automatically hidden on pinned posts
* You can manually hide signatures by using a new shortcode: <!--nosig-->

Also, Post Signatures are now included in our Team plan at no additional cost (along with eBook Exports). boosted

A new #WriteFreely pull request brings some improvements to Post Signatures:

* Signatures are automatically hidden on pinned posts
* You can manually hide signatures by using a new shortcode: <!--nosig--> boosted
I’m just loving @write_as. It’s beautifully minimalistic and sleek. Perfect for focusing on writing without all the cruft of Wordpress 👌

for iOS v1.0.4 is out now! This update fixes just a few tiny bugs.

As always, if you enjoy the app, we'd love to hear your thoughts in an App Store review! boosted

In case you had trouble logging in or signing up on our forum ( with your account before, those troubles should be gone! We just fixed the login issue on our end.

Extending our 6th birthday sale 

Who says you can't have a birthday month? 🎂

We're now extending our 6th birthday celebration (and sale on Pro) until the end of February.

Learn more in our latest newsletter:

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