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Now I'd like to give people the option to financially support without having to pay for a subscription. So today I'm launching an Open Collective page for anyone who would like to support the project.

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I've been slowly splitting off from, so it can continue evolving as its own healthy FOSS project. We've been building WF-compatible API clients like our Swift library, and recently moved the code to its own GitHub org. boosted

We've just taken our first steps! Now you can privately reply to @write_as blog posts via email 💌

Read more on @remarkblog:

Also, he just started doing office hours for this API library and our iOS app, in case you've been thinking of contributing!

RT @angelostavrow:

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New to iOS development? Want to contribute to an open-source project, but not sure where to start? Let's chat during my office hours! We can discuss the #WriteFreely codebase and find a great first issue for you to tackle. 🙂

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Hey people new to Mastodon!

Did you know that Mastodon is part of a wider network called the Fediverse?

These (and more) are on the Fediverse too:

PixelFed - an Instagram alternative (

PeerTube - a YouTube alternative (

WriteFreely - a blogging platform like Medium (

Lemmy - a Reddit alternative (

You can follow Fediverse accounts from Mastodon, because Fediverse platforms talk to each other. boosted boosted boosted boosted

Users will also be able to delete their own account in the next version of #WriteFreely! Again, we could use your feedback and help testing this upcoming feature.

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The next version of #WriteFreely, v0.13, will include the ability for admins to delete user accounts from the web UI. We could use your input and help testing this out! #wfdev

Publishing with our Classic editor just got easier! Now you can add photos to your posts without ever leaving the editor.

Read more on our @updates microblog:

We've been moderating this content for a while, but today we updated our Platform Guidelines to explicitly ban pure backlink-building and other SEO activities that don't contribute anything valuable to our platform (or, really, the web in general). boosted boosted

Comments and conversations are coming to @write_as soon! Today, we just rolled out our new landing page: boosted boosted boosted

As we get ready to release the next version of #WriteFreely this month, we could use your help reviewing some open pull requests!

* Draft list paging -

* Support logging out of password-protected blogs -

* Always show post actions on mobile devices -

* Accept general text/* files on post import -

* Disable Ace editor on touchscreen devices -

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We've moved the #WriteFreely repo on GitHub! To make things less confusing, now it belongs to the `writefreely` org instead of `writeas`

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