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Just a heads-up: tomorrow's WriteFreely office hours are being moved to the same time on Wednesday, June 22nd.

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I've been wanting to theme my blog, and is going to make that much easier. 😍 boosted

If your photos weren’t showing up with the correct rotation, that issue is now fixed! Any new uploads should work great 🖼️ We wrote a bit more about this on the forum. boosted

Developing themes for @write_as / @writefreely has always been a bit of a pain. I've gotten used to working around the limitations, but I always wanted to make the process accessible to more people.

Today I'm finally releasing 🐴 CSShorse, a tool for editing themes and previewing your work in real-time, with your real blog. (Based on @htmlhouse.) boosted

We just had a month of project hosting paid for directly from community donations! A huge thanks to everyone who's contributed so far. boosted

Today is the last day to get our official app for iPhone and iPad at a big discount (66% off)! boosted boosted

Coil blogs are migrating to, and to help set folks up for the transition, the WriteFreely app is on sale until June 2nd! boosted boosted

We recently made some API changes to support a migration on @write_as, so once I bring that over to , we'll release v0.13! That'll likely happen on Monday.

Everything seems to be looking pretty good in v0.13 Release Candidate 1 -- but if you'd like to help debug, please join our demo instance ( or grab the latest pre-release: boosted

Writing a newsletter? Now you can let readers respond directly to you via email! Read more about this on the blog. boosted

We now support custom domains with Unicode characters, so sites like “canopé” work perfectly. (Thanks to @mathuin for the report and help with testing this!) boosted

Wondering what one of our featured topics, , is about? Now there's a bit more information about it on the topic page:

In case you missed it, updates will now show up on our official Mastodon account for the project: @writefreely! We'll keep this account limited mostly to, the hosted WriteFreely service.

Otherwise for bigger, less frequent announcements (like new releases), you can still follow the official WriteFreely blog: boosted

Our demo instance is now up to date with v0.13rc1! It even has our new Gopher support enabled 😄


Want to help us test this release candidate? You can join with this invite link: boosted

WriteFreely is a free open federated blogging platform. You can follow the project's brand new main account at:


There's also the official blog at:


It's designed as an alternative to Medium, more info at the official website

WriteFreely is part of the Fediverse, so you can follow WF accounts from Mastodon.

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v0.13 Release Candidate 1 is here! It includes over a year of changes and improvements, from a new WYSIWYG editor to Web Monetization support to new OAuth provider support.

Read about everything in this latest release and, if you're adventurous, you can upgrade to this Release Candidate today:

If you give it a shot, please share any feedback or bug reports! boosted

v0.13 Release Candidate 1 is built and ready to go! Just updating some documentation and writing release notes. There were... a lot of changes 😅 boosted

Welcome to the official Mastodon account for the :writefreely2: project! We'll share smaller, more frequent updates here than we do on our official blog (

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