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Shopping weekend 2021 

Finally, our @writefreely app for iOS helps you capture and publish your thoughts no matter where you are 📱

That's 33% off, or just $9.99 this weekend.

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Shopping weekend 2021 

E-books 📖 We have a paid add-on that lets people download your blog as an e-book, and that add-on is 30% off this weekend.

Just $7 will permanently unlock this feature for you — great for sharing your novel, but also useful year-round!

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Shopping weekend 2021 

Next we have Teams. Our latest feature lets you bring together a group of friends and collaborators to publish on a single blog / newsletter.

This is also 25% off, for as long as you hold the subscription — both an early-access discount and an early Christmas present!

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Shopping weekend 2021 

First up, we have Monthly and yearly plans are both 25% off this weekend! With the discount, those come to just $6.75/month or $54/year.

Besides us offering a first-time discount on the monthly plan, this will also give you access to our upcoming social space, @remark_as, when it launches in December.

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Shopping weekend 2021 

Okay, everything is live now!

Here's all the discounts we have available from now through the end of .

Read about them in this thread or our @deals blog post:

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Shopping weekend 2021 

We'll have a few sales on throughout the weekend! But I let this important national holiday slip my mind until today, so not all sales are live yet.

Right now, you can get:

- 25% off our yearly Pro subscription:
- 33% off the @writefreely iOS app:

And there's plenty more to come. I'll post here and on our @deals blog when everything is available 🙂 boosted

We’ve moved to a new support ticket system for everyone on If you need help with anything, just visit our Contact page to open a new ticket via email or our forum. Also, now you can see when we might be on vacation or otherwise taking a break, and get a better idea of when to expect a response from us. boosted

I'm wondering if it makes sense to add a new customization option to @writefreely / @write_as: the ability for posts to live on a sub-path, instead of on the top-level of your site.

Would love to hear your feedback on the forum: boosted boosted

Considering making some changes to the @write_as Free plan:

- A limit on overall number of posts
- Closing new Free registrations for a few months, to personally give me some breathing room

Would love to hear your thoughts on the forum:

It's ! ✍️ 📖

As is tradition, we're opening up the "Novel" blog format, and offering one additional blog to hold your novel, at no extra cost.

Read more about it on our @blog:

Aaaand we're back!

That took longer than expected, but everything went smoothly 😊

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Okay, here we go!

You won't be able to publish or update posts for a little bit. If you try, you'll notice that the request hangs or freezes.

Watch this thread for when we're back!

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We're going to have a small window of time tonight where you won't be able to publish or update any posts, as we make some important database changes.

It shouldn't take long, overall. But I'll let you know as soon as that starts!

We're introducing ourselves and our blogs over on the forum:

Come stop by and let us know more about you!

We've just put in a permanent fix for SSL certificates on custom domains, which popped up over the weekend due to Let's Encrypt's root certificate expiring. boosted boosted

Command line fans!

You can post to your @writefreely blog on the Fediverse through the official Write Freely command line app:

It's available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

#FediTips #Fediverse #WriteFreely #Blog #Apps #CLI #CommandLine #CommandLines

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