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Tonight we sent out a few tiny fixes on the web, including for post titles and sitemaps, and spent some time setting up an internal environment to fully test future features.

Now that there are no pressing issues, we're back to the fun stuff:

A bunch of little changes went out today, including a quick way to set a post's Created date to "now" when editing its metadata.

Also fixed SSL issues on if you were accessing it with IPv6 😬

Sitemaps are going out now! You'll get to them by adding /sitemap.xml to your blog URL, e.g.

Finally wrapped up hashtag support for your blog posts -- going out now!

Started keeping track of smaller tasks on and it's been a great personal motivator.

You can see exactly what's in the works on any day over there.

Happy New Year, everyone! 🎊

I wanted to help you start off 2018 with a discount on our yearly paid plans -- get 18% off your first year (that's $39.36 for Pro) with this coupon code, valid through New Year's Day: writemore18

Besides giving you a new publishing space, maybe a little investment in your writing tools will provide some motivation to write more this year :pencil: 😊

Here's to 2018! πŸ₯‚

Annnd we're back.

Analytics are now running on a beefier server and should be able to handle much higher load in the future.

While the main application isn't affected, you might notice your browser's loading indicator continually spinning on the site, as our analytics are currently down from high traffic volume. Working on a fix.

Some goals for early 2018:

- Tags. Find and organize posts on your blogs with hashtags; find public posts on similar topics on @readwriteas.

- Stats. Get deeper information, like the exact URL visitors come from; see prettier graphs.

- Email subscriptions. Let your readers subscribe to your blog updates via email.

- Publishing. Cross-post to WordPress, Mastodon, and Micropub-enabled sites.

Now you'll get an email 7 days before your annual subscription (Casual or Pro) renews, just to let you know it's coming up. Much nicer that way, isn't it?

Just launched for all Pro @write_as users! πŸŽ‰ Now you can upload photos for your blog and give them a permanent home πŸ–Ό

It's pretty bare-bones today, but does what it says, and will do much more in the near future.

When it gets this bad, we mitigate with a combination of technical measures and some light-hearted trolling built into the application.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem many other anonymous services protect themselves like this and thus get overrun, like (scroll down a bit to see what I mean).

Occasionally our normal progress gets derailed by random influxes of posts from people spamming forums and services like ours with links, presumably to boost their search rankings.

For the past week we've seen a major influx of "watch live stream" spam posts (we notice when our servers see sudden heavy load and alert us "345 new posts in the past hour").

Just discovered this site called Publicly tonight, for basically blogging about progress on projects.

Neat idea, though it seems there isn't much reach for the updates outside the site. Either way, might use it for a bit.

November isn't over yet, but it was the first month that saw positive cash flow! πŸŽ‰ A higher number of yearly subscriptions and the anniversary of our Product Hunt launch put us past the mark, but this month brings us that much closer to profitability β€” i.e. sticking around for good.

To all of our customers, thank you! Your support directly helps us build the sustainable, ad-free platform we've always imagined. You're awesome.

Since the FCC seems to have abandoned its duty to serve the public, we've again lent our weight in support of strong protections in an open letter to the Chairman this week.

We've gotten reports that the Privacy Badger browser extension is breaking sites on custom domains.

If any sites look odd or plain, just open Privacy Badger and *allow* the domain for now.

We should have this fixed from our end soon.

Many web services these days are opaque and unaccountable to users -- something I'd like to see change, and I'm trying to set an example with

Taking inspiration from Ghost and similar organizations, today I finished our little transparency site, It links to places where you can see more of what's happening behind the scenes, and includes our post, user, and revenue metrics πŸ“Š I'm happy to make this data public, and will be opening up more soon.

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