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Want your friends to join you on Send them an invite!

From your dashboard, hover over your name and click "Invite people." Then you can generate a special link that'll let them sign up for free. boosted

"When we started back in 2015, it [] was a completely free platform that didn’t even let you sign up — you could publish individual, anonymous posts and share the link.

You can still use like that to this day. But since then, we’ve also added full accounts and paid plans, grown almost entirely via word-of-mouth, and earlier this year, became profitable as a company, ensuring we can continue building this for decades to come."

#WriteAs #RevenueModels

Managed to isolate the abusive actors. Disabled the many thousands of spambot accounts created. Signups are open again!

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We're currently facing a distributed network of bots creating accounts on our platform, so we've completely disabled registrations until we can better prevent this. boosted

Happy holidays! 🎄🎅🎁🎆🎊 We’re offering limited support from December 20 to December 31. Please reach out if you need help with billing or other critical / time-sensitive issues, and we’ll help out. Otherwise, we’ll see you in the new year, on January 3! boosted boosted

Of course, I don't want to exclude people from ad-free, privacy-centric software like ours — there shouldn't be a premium on it.

So the plan is to continue supporting cost-free publishing via:

- Self-hosting and communities running @writefreely, and
- Invite links, which you can use to give out Free accounts

Besides that, naturally, if you create an account before January 1 you won't have to worry about this — and you can help other people join by inviting them personally.

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There are several reasons for this change, but a big one is needing the space to focus on our customers and build out everything we hope to.

I laid everything out on our forum for community feedback:

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I'll share a blog post about this soon, but I've decided to ⚠️ close new Free account registrations ⚠️ for on December 31st.

This won't affect our anonymous apps or existing users; only those who want to create a Free account starting January 1. boosted boosted

All is good again, we've been back up for a while.

We've also made some changes that should make this kind of outage less likely in the future.

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Experiencing abnormally high traffic right now, which is causing some intermittent downtime on our main web application.

We're working to mitigate it now. As always, you can keep an eye on this here:

the cyber monday sale 

As for the actual sale, it's still going on until tonight at 11:59pm Eastern. There are discounts on:

- Pro (25% off - new and existing users)
- Teams (25% off - new users)
- eBook add-on (30% off)
- @writefreely iOS app (33% off)

Hopefully there's something in there you might like. For all the details, see our @deals post:

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While these shopping holidays can be quite silly, a sale like this helps us reach new people and bring in some extra cash in a short period of time.

As always, that cash is the only way we keep the lights on. I've been able to work on this full-time for the last 3 years, only because people pay to use So again, thank you!

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Thank you to everyone who bought something this weekend!

I haven't talked about it much here, but on my @matt blog I've mentioned that finally became modestly profitable earlier this year. It's only enough to sustain a single full-time developer (me), but it means I can keep building this, @writefreely, and our other projects indefinitely. boosted

Shopping weekend 2021 

Next we have Teams. Our latest feature lets you bring together a group of friends and collaborators to publish on a single blog / newsletter.

This is also 25% off, for as long as you hold the subscription — both an early-access discount and an early Christmas present!

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Shopping weekend 2021 

First up, we have Monthly and yearly plans are both 25% off this weekend! With the discount, those come to just $6.75/month or $54/year.

Besides us offering a first-time discount on the monthly plan, this will also give you access to our upcoming social space, @remark_as, when it launches in December.

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