v0.13.1 is nearly ready for release!

We've updated our demo instance,, to include all our staged changes -- so please feel free to test things out there! You can join with this invite link, if you don't have an account yet:

We've also changed the editor there to the new Classic editor, so you can test out our latest fix.

Find a bug? Let us know:

@writefreely Hello. I'm interested to know why block links
Thank you

Hey @antonio, we don't block links to that domain in particular -- if you were blocked, it was probably because there were a certain number of links in your post. If you let me know what your username is, I can mark your account as "trusted" so you can post as many as you like!

@write_as My account is and it's a recent account.
When I post a link to in some article, a window appears telling me that it's blocked and I can't use it

@antonio Yep, this is just our automated filter that checks for excessive links on Free user posts. I just disabled that for you, so you should be able to publish that post now!

@write_as Ok, thanks!. It was only 1 link in my article when it appeared!, even only posting an empty article with that link, it's something weird he he

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