I'm thinking of moving our documentation to a more purpose-built platform / site generator, instead of the custom one we have now on

Ideally, we'd switch to a tool that supports Markdown (current docs:, and allows people to search.

Any recommendations?

I've been using Hugo for a while. It's terrible in a lot of ways, but also better than everything else I've tried:

@sam Yep I was thinking about Hugo, especially since it doesn't have other dependencies. But do you know if it's well suited for this? Like it'll be pretty easy to generate a knowledge base / documentation site?

@writefreely Hugo's big problem is that it's *too* generic and tries to imitate wordpress, making it a bit confusing to learn; that being said, it's flexibility also means a site like this is fairly straight forward.

@writefreely Not sure if you have looked at Grav CMS at all but they do have themes for knowledge bases.
(demo of one theme for knowledge:

@writefreely As an explanation, my minimum requirements for which I've ordered the list were:

- Markdown support
- embedded Search (_not_ Algolia)
- Table of Contents to the right of the content = three column view

mdBook is also extensible with the `mdbook-*` packages on


Dokuwiki is super simple and once you get the webserver up and running you can do everything including changing plugins, theme and setting up subwikis through the gui if you want.

There is no database, just a folder with the wiki files in it so the whole thing is extremely simple, compact and easy to use.

I don't think its quite what you are looking for but if you can't find what you are looking for dokuwiki is a wonderfully utilitarian tool!

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