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We're an inclusive community that welcomes all, as long as you're kind and respectful to others. We aim to provide an environment where you feel comfortable enough to participate freely and authentically. If you're not interested in that, there are plenty of other great instances to join.

What we're here for

Put simply, we're here to discuss writing. Want someone to critique your writing? Ask the community. Need a little encouragement? We're all supportive here. Swap reviews, share your struggles, or just send out small chunks of writing for the community to read.


We'll be more specific in the future, but in general, be good to each other. Enjoy talking to strangers (and friends!) on the internet, and give others the benefit of the doubt.

A note on brands: the fediverse in general and Writing Exchange in particular is about people, not brands. If you represent a writing-related brand and want to create an account here, we expect you to contribute to the community and not simply advertise at everyone. Ideally, your brand account will be backed by a personal account so we know who we're talking to and we can have more human conversations.

If problems arise, please use Mastodon's features to Block, Mute, or Report users that are causing problems. If you need more help, contact @matt.

Once you've joined

Introduce yourself! Communities like these work best when they're filled with strangers who talk to each other.

Then share yourself, your writing, and whatever feels right. We chose the name Writing Exchange because that's what we wanted to spark: an exchange. So don't be shy — trade words with people. Jump into conversations you wouldn't normally join. Share your processes and tools. Put your thoughts out to the community and see what can come from it.


This is an experiment to see if we can create a small, purposeful community among the fediverse, with the eventual goal being a sustainable, community-run instance. If you'd like to help make that happen, get in touch.


We intend to be a stable, reliable instance that's here for good. To make sure we don't vanish one day, Writing Exchange is directly supported by Write.as — a simple writing and publishing platform built by @matt and powered by WriteFreely.

If you'd like to support Writing Exchange, you can purchase a Write.as subscription for $6 per month (and cancellable anytime). Besides helping fund Writing Exchange, you'll get a simple blog that others can follow directly from our instance and the wider fediverse, since Write.as / WriteFreely use the same ActivityPub protocol that Mastodon does!

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