Fear or love.

Those are the only two options humans have for emotions. All other emotions boil down to either fear or love. They cannot exist at the same time, much like light cannot exist where there is shadow.

In every opinion you form, in every reaction, you have a choice. Is it based in love or fear?

πŸ‘‰ Fear-based beliefs/thoughts: I am better than someone. A group of people are "other/different" than me. I am angry. I hate something/someone. I feel guilty. I feel anxious.


πŸ‘‰Love-based beliefs/thoughts: I am of everyone else, everyone else is of me. I forgive. I am at peace. I welcome all.

Love is freedom, of thought and of future. Love is response, not reaction. Love is the gift of living without ego, as something infinitely more.

Fear is constriction, self-imposed prison of mind & perspective. Fear is reaction, not response. Fear is ego. Fear is defense. Fear is small and fragile.

Choosing love brings more fear-love crossroads. Always choose love.


@ontploffing I'd say love because you are literally seeking and open vs. closed and drawing back. Maybe as soon as you stop being curious, that's fear.

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