Discover DTube, a crypto- and IPFS- based YouTube alternative :)


^^^^^ I don't know much about DTube, neither about Steem. The About page is interesting, but then watching actual video and posts pages with their discussions... they all have $ amounts next to every single author and comment. Buff...

One problem the free software / knowledge community needs to solve is how to explain and share costs and incentives. However, tagging everything with a money value feels (to me) obsessive and... kind of sick.

(However, I don't have better suggestions).

via @Luna

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@quimgil Doesn't seem so sick to me to see a value indicator next to each video, compared to giving full authority (and censorship rights) to one company (the biggest, Google) on all the world's videos, given you don't have to pay nothing to see any video on It's the Steemit blockchain itself that generates such money: full nodes just give a part of the money they earn to reward content. Nice enough to me, if it gets rid of YouTube's total supremacy! Don't you think?

@Luna Yes... A money value next to each video, next to each blog post, next to each product created... that kind of makes sense. In each author's page, why not. But next to every comment... (every interaction) just filles everything with price tags. I mean, even when I'm creating value by commenting, upvoting... is it necessary to show a related money value in the UI?

Imagine the equivalent in real life.

I don't know if it's necessary.. but they did it this way, and it's a little drawback to me compared to using a centralized, all-powerful one-site-for-all like YouTube is. In real life, commenting couldn't be tagged by a value yet, but yeah, if it would be possible, people would probably do it too in real life ^^ since all is for sale now in our world. Just debating, I agree with your comment after all ;)

@Luna My interest in DTube (thank you for the link!) is not to compare it to YouTube (which I also dislike because of its business model) but to

And I'm also interested in micropayments / microrewards / crowdfunding as a superior alternative to advertisement driven business models (leave alone data selling business models).

@quimgil indeed peertube really looks nice, but lakes of reward model... which I bet makes it an activists-only tool. Am i right? And wow! interesting idea to crowdfunding videos in a full p2p+cryptos manner! Did you see it implemented somewhere?!

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