@uschi_the_listener I read that Hafiz was "bitterly opposed by supposed 'men of the spirit' who denounced him as an infidel and libertine. Unable to understand the allegorical nature of his work, they assumed that it was blasphemous, dangerous, superficial and pornographic". No wonder we enjoy his verse.

@wordsmith Yes, and I really don't get why you can't be openly sexual and spiritual at the same time. You can be an intellectual and be spiritual. Why is the physical thrown out like rotten eggs? It's ridiculous. Those Abrahamic religions have a lot to answer for. Idiots.

@wordsmith I wrote a poem that I think is both funny and very hot about a schoolteacher fantasizing getting his knob polished during a lecture. You should look at it. It would appeal to you. It's called "virtual" and I posted it here today.

@uschi_the_listener Since I'm in the library I feel it is the perfect venue for reading such blasphemy

@wordsmith Libraries may be the last bastions of freedom in the world. You may not realize what badasses librarians are. They are. Trust me on this.

@uschi_the_listener I presume that they're all badassery and eloquent armouries underneath their smart attire and hushed speech.

@wordsmith They are scary badass. If I were going to write about post apocalyptic badasses they would all be librarians.

@uschi_the_listener A multitalented tutor. Giving a lecture while putting out with that much gusto requires a steady mind.

@wordsmith I have a teacher friend who is showing a long documentary about the Great Depression 5 times today and has to sit through it and prod the kids to answer questions and respond and pay attention... 5 times in a row. He could do it hanging upside down like a bat in his sleep. Let alone fantasizing about getting thoroughly laid.

@wordsmith Writing sexual fantasy poems for schoolteachers is an errand of mercy.

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