Hey @write_as I'm pretty sure telling Nazis to fuck off discourages violence and hatred, and I'd like to be informed if y'all believe otherwise.

It's my belief that discouraging people from telling off Nazis encourages violence, and, similar to y'all, I don't want to support people who encourage violence, especially of that sort.

@BrokenBiscuit @writeas

@emsenn Sounds like @BrokenBiscuit triggered our automated spam prevention system. I haven't personally communicated to them that they violated any particular guideline, and they haven't reached out to me, like we advise on the "blocked post" page.

Let me know what your username is and I'll disable the spam filter for your account.

@BrokenBiscuit thanks. Just looked at your post -- it doesn't violate our content guidelines; the plain URLs triggered the automated spam filter (it's what many spammers do).

I'm away from the computer at the moment but will remove the spam filter for you within an hour or two.

Cc @emsenn @paeneultima@playvicious.social @Jo @walruslifestyle @Electronic_Bunny


@BrokenBiscuit I've disabled the spam filter for your account -- please try publishing again and let me know if you still run into issues.

Also, if you could remove your original toot or send out a correction, I'd really appreciate it. The misinformation in it gives people the wrong idea about us, especially in this heated environment.

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