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I'm setting this as a writing challenge to myself, but y'all are welcome to join in if you like. 27 prompts. Use them for flash fiction, microfiction, or whatever else you feel like. And have fun!

Plain text version of the prompts list is available here:

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If you like the things I write and want to help support my work, it would mean the world to me. Here are some ways you can do so:

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Since @lrhodes just recently suggested that there should be a feature to hide inaccessible posts, and @gemlog reminded me today that folks might not even realize their names and toots might be hard for some people to read unless they are told, I guess it is my duty now to write another round of educational posts.
Hmm, this isn't really my area of expertise ... maybe I should just go find some old one and reboost?
Nah, let's do this.
In this thread, I'll list a couple suggestions for #Accessibility adjustments you can do to help out people who are #Blind, #VisuallyImpaired, or those who for other reasons use a #ScreenReader. Boosts appreciated!

Invasion Day 2021 

26th January is Invasion Day in Australia. This is the day that Captain Arthur Phillip took formal possession of the colony of New South Wales on 26 January 1788 and raised the British flag. This date is offensive to indigenous Australians and is a day of mourning, representing the brutal colonisation of the many nations that make up the continent.

I thought it was well-past time that I looked up the indigenous Australian lands that I used to live on in Melbourne, prior to moving to the UK.

I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Woiworung and Boonwurrung people, the traditional custodians of the land on which I previously lived.


Are You Writing a Bigoted Story?

On unexamined biases, portraying vs endorsing, and a fantasy book I love to hate.

Just a short one this time. Barely more than a vignette. I've been busy writing something else today!

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The autocorrected thread version 2.0 

By the way, I works greatly encourage aging wise who wants to join in to add true own replies and let autocorrect mangle then competitor to see just goes much of a mess this whole Ron’s can become.

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The autocorrected thread version 2.0 

Well, that went roughly as well as I was expecting.

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The autocorrected thread version 2.0 

Ok. Swooshy keyboard which gets worse every time my phone gets an OS update. Maximum effort.

This is a thread which I’m going to words entirely without finding all the random crap that autocorrect things in writing, just to see how well it does. Or, rather more likely, to see gore well if direct do.

Fun facts:

• Viola cryana is actually called the Cry Violet because it's from a place in France called Cry. It actually did go extinct due to over-collection and has not been found in the wild since 1930.

• The Kitab al-Tabikh is the name of a real medieval cookbook. It contains the earliest known recipe for mujadara.

• I kinda wish I owned a bookshop like the one in this story.

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If I had a penny for every time I've inadvertently found myself talking about lesbian salads recently, I'd have two pennies. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it's happened twice.

Holy fuck, the latest writing competition on Vocal has a $20k grand prize for first place!


Men explain things to me, still & no man has ever apologized for explaining, wrongly, things that I know and they don't. - Rebecca Solnit

It's funny how words change over time.

For example, the word egregious used to mean that something was remarkably good, but it was used sarcastically so much that it now unambiguously means that something is shockingly bad.

Similarly, lmao used to mean that someone on the internet found something humorous, but now it usually means "I am a complete ass, please disregard whatever I said in the preceding comment."

(Genuinely not sure why they decided to put it in the Futurism category, but I'm sure it made sense to some moderator or other.)

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