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"Who are we, if not our words? Who are we, if we are not allowed to tell our own stories?"
– Rachel McKibbens

My favorite #writing exercise to learn about a character is to hand them an orange.

How do they peel it? Do they find a knife (do they carry one?), dig their nails into the rind (what do their nails look like?), or split it open with their thumbs? Do they pull the slices out daintily or chomp down on them? How do they act with juice on their fingers? What do they do with the peels? Throw them on the ground, stack them neatly, fretfully pull them into tiny pieces, or chew on the pith? (etc..)

I broke the fifth wall, and now my audience knows that they're fictional too

Saw this in a Solarpunk group and someone said it could be the seed to start an epic saga. I present it here as an offering to the writers: please take it and make a Solarpunk masterpiece.

Your garden begins to bear strange fruit. You find a red gem tangled in the roots of a shrub, a gold coin sprouting from a flowering cactus, a pearl held in the mouth of a flytrap.

You wonder if someone is playing a trick on you, but if they are, nobody owns up. After a time, it becomes normal to find an occasional treasure among your plants.

One night, you dream that your plants whisper in the night. 'She takes such good care of us,' one says. 'It's only fair.'


Joining in the chat by posting an excerpt which isn't a reply to someone else's. Share an excerpt from your project that sounds weird without context


"I think you’re better off keeping your hands to yourself. Besides, Cerean prosthetics are what they all go for. It’s impossible to find out here. Costs even more here around Saturn than it does around Ceres.”

“Oh, what, my Martian hand isn’t good enough for them?”

Ash chuckled, “Pretty sure they’d prefer Amethyst’s eyeballs.”

A young man came to the God of Exchanges, carrying broken dreams and a broken heart.
"What do you want for these?" asked the god.
"Nothing," said the young man.
"Very well," said the god.
The young man left, with no memory of having dreams or heart, broken or unbroken.
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Tired: nostalgia for a past you never experienced

Wired: nostalgia for a future you never imagined

I'm in a funny mood today so here's:

10 Ways to Befriend a Necromancer


How to Make Friends and Reanimate People

(Thread, the rest will be unlisted)

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:blobcatpeek: hello again

BOOKS & BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy with small town charm in a city of the dead.

It is currently up for funding on #kickstarter as I can't afford to publish it on my own. If you're able, I'd really appreciate your help!

It's a story about frantic research, the boundaries of magic, and the love of home, however strange.

It's mildly spooky and very warm. I hope you'll like it!

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks

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It will be very easy to get a world record if we colonise Mars #Showerthoughts

Falling asleep would sound incredibly scary if you tried to explain it to someone's who's never done it before

If there are any reader folk who would be willing to take a survey about crowdfunding books, it would be a really big help to me!

12 general multiple-choice questions, it's quite a quick survey with no personal details asked.

Thank you! And thanks to everyone who has answered so far!

Please buy my book! It's got lesbians! It's about trauma and healing! It's about music! It's about the great lakes! It's got a happy ending!

Of interest to writers: words banished for overuse and general worthlessness by Lake Superior State University in Michigan.

You can comment and suggest if you want.

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