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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker • Headcanon 

So I have a headcanon story in my mind about how Episode IX should have gone. Because Rey's big reveal is... well, it's silly, let's be honest.

Rey should have been revealed as the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker. It would've explained so much of the sequel trilogy and made Episode IX so much stronger.

Then it would really earn the title, the rise of Skywalker. And just imagine the big reveal being Luke saying to Rey, "You... are my father."

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"Who are we, if not our words? Who are we, if we are not allowed to tell our own stories?"
– Rachel McKibbens

“Look! See?” She wandered into the lounge, a mess of disheveled hair and sleep crusted eyes. “I’m out of bed before the afternoon. I told you I could do it.”

“It’s... you know it’s 11:58, right?”

“It still counts,” she murmured, lying down on the sofa and closing her eyes.

"To pass," the Sphinx said, "you must answer my question."
"I understand. Please ask."
"How are you?"
"How are you doing?"
"Is that the riddle?"
"No. I care. What with... You can have a riddle if you prefer?"
"No, I'm... I'm okay. Thanks."
"Good to hear. You may pass."
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If a cyborg replaces their non-dominant arm with one they bought on ebay is that.. 

a second hand second hand?

TFW you’re reading/watching a story and you see a twist coming and you really really hope it isn’t so

Professional Wrestling taught me some important things about action and physical theatre.

Faces/Heroes are exciting to watch.
Heels/Villains convey power in their actions but are not exciting.

If a heel is exciting then people start to root for them and they've failed in their job. Heels should cut down the audience's entertainment.

Lady knight is struck speechless by a pretty witch, more news as the situation develops.

A solitary plant sits on a windowsill. It can smell other plants and the things they're saying, but doesn't know where they are. So many of them somewhere outside the open window, and so many conversations, their faint chemical messages caught on the breeze. The plant makes lonesome squeaks and whimpers, which human ears can rarely hear. Outside, on the ground, the flowers stand up slightly taller, reaching upwards.

Close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and let yourself sink slowly into a trance. Imagine yourself standing in a garden. The warm sun overhead, the soft grass beneath your feet. Wait, what are these on the ground? They look like footprints but... what could possibly leave such monstrous footprints like these? You should go. Try not to imagine this place again for a while. It's best to try and meditate somewhere safe.

WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices
We're open from Day 10-24 every month.


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small correction 

Oops. I meant to say anti-hero about Iron Man here, not anti-villain. Though he's arguably in the anti-villain corner when he creates Ultron. His idea is idealistic, but just doing so even when everyone tells him not to isn't exactly virtuous.

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Some summaries? 

So basically:

Heroes – Virtuous and idealistic

Villains – Cynical and immoral

Anti-Heroes – Cynical outlook but still does virtuous things

Anti-Villains – Idealistic aims but uses immoral methods

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Fluid Heroes and Villains 

The most interesting characters move from one place to another. Take the MCU version of Iron Man, for instance. To start, I'd put him in the villain corner, as an arms dealer motivated by ego and profit. His first character arc puts him in the anti-villain corner with virtuous actions but a cynical outlook. Later points put him as a hero with idealistic aims and virtuous actions.

Loki hits all four corners, depending on the story. That's what makes him fun!

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Hero/Villain Chart 

You can plot the two scales, idealism-cynicism and virtue-vice, on a chart like this, to see where characters fit. I included some examples, but I'm sure people may agree or disagree because it depends on the writer, etc, etc.

So far... this seems to fit? I mean, these things aren't easy to define. I'm not sure how well this view works.

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Anti-Heroes & Anti-Villains 

Anti-heroes then, would be perceived as virtuous but cynical. Which fits characters like Wolverine pretty well. Also Batman, depending on your perspective.

Anti-villains, on the other hand, are idealistic but consumed by vice. Killmonger is a good example here. He has idealistic goals, but his methods aren't exactly moral. He's a sympathetic villain.

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Attitude & Morality 

The best way I can figure out to define them is two things: Attitude and Morality.

Attitude is about Idealism vs Cynicism, and Morality is essentially Virtue vs Vice.

For the easy examples, heroes then are all Idealism and Virtue, and villains are Cynicism and Vice.

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Anti-Heroes & Anti-Villains 

Take Wolverine, for instance. He's seen as an anti-hero, but he usually ends up doing the right thing for the right reason, even if he's unhappy about it. Poison Ivy is often seen as doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, because her ultimate intentions are good. But, arguably, Batman also does the wrong thing for the right reasons, so how is one a "villain" but the other a "hero"?

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Anti-Heroes & Anti-Villains 

The anti-hero definition of "hero without heroic qualities" is pretty vague. You could argue an anti-hero does the right thing for the wrong reasons, or the wrong thing for the right reasons, but there's still a big overlap between anti-hero and anti-villain. And some still don't fit.

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Heroes & Villains 

So I've been looking at tropes related to heroes and villains. Heroes and villains are pretty easy to define in fiction. Heroes do the right thing for the right reason, and villains do the wrong thing for the wrong reason. Compassion good, killing bad, selflessness good, greed bad. Basically.

But anti-heroes and anti-villains are harder to define...

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