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Late night writing. Ninsarโ€™s third sun, Enlil, is an Orange star, which casts a dim orange light on the world after the other suns set. Iโ€™m using mood lighting for inspiration!

Did I write that scene in the sky garden of a cloudship, where Mirai meets Nazifa so her mentor arc can begin during her journey to Coltris? No. No I didn't.

But I did make an ambient soundscape of cloudship background noise to try and give myself some inspiration. So we have that.

Here's a 5 minute excerpt.

I love how Daft Punk are the only people in this movie whoโ€™re wearing their own clothes.

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FLYNN: Iโ€™m taking this vehicle.

PROGRAM: You are not authorised.

FLYNN bashes the program on the head.

PROGRAM: Right this way, sir.

They were always going to complain about "making it political." They should've been given something to actually complain about.

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I realise that one reason I'm disappointed with the new Star Wars trilogy is that it could've been a cautionary allegorical tale about avoiding the second rise of fascism after the victory of the original trilogy. That would make the three trilogies a nice little allegorical trifecta of the rise of authoritarianism, the defeat of fascism, and how to prevent its return.

Sadly, JJ Abrams doesn't know how to write anything without mystery box storytelling and nostalgia bait.

A pity.

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WHINY RIGHT WINGERS: SJWs are ruining Star Wars by making it political


watching the new defunctland about Epcot and my girlfriend suggested a cyberpunk campaign set in a world of โ€œwhat if Epcot succeeded, and was as horrifyingly evil as it seemsโ€ and I canโ€™t stop thinking about it

(This thread written because I'm trying to plan some stuff for my characters, and I like to think about these things)

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The 7 Questions of Narrative Drama 

This thing was dreamed up by Film Crit Hulk, an internet critic who writes some very insightful essays. Maybe writers can benefit from keeping them in mind, if not during the story planning, then when going back over the first draft.

The Just Write channel on YouTube gives a nice breakdown of how this works, using the 3 protagonists from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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The 7 Questions of Narrative Drama 

On the flipside, think of a story which seemed like it should have been good but, for some reason, it wasn't. You may find that one or more of these questions is not satisfactorily answered.

Maybe you never learn what the hero actually wants. Maybe they just glide through the world without affecting other characters at all. Maybe they just don't really change at all.

After all, most stories are about characters more than anything else.

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The 7 Questions of Narrative Drama 

Think of your favourite story, whether it's a movie or a book or whatever. Now think the protagonist from that story. You should be able to see the answer to each of the 7 questions for that character.

This isn't necessarily an active choice by the writers. These are just things which tend to fall out of a well written narrative. A story, after all, needs conflict and change. Cause and effect.

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The 7 Questions of Narrative Drama 

An interesting little story critique thingy (critique technique?). For a well written character and their arc, you should get answers to each of these questions as the story unfolds:

โ€“ What do they want?
โ€“ What do they need?
โ€“ What inner conflicts do these cause?
โ€“ How do these conflict with the world?
โ€“ How do these conflict with other characters?
โ€“ How do the conflicts change the character?
โ€“ What impact does that change have?

โ€œSomeday, Iโ€™ll sneak up on you without you hearing me first," Eleria grinned. "Itโ€™s like a challenge now.โ€

โ€œOh, but I didnโ€™t hear you." Mirai inclined her head to a patch of plants growing around the mosaic patio. "They did.โ€

โ€œLittle snitches. And how did they know it was me? I donโ€™t remember being introduced.โ€

โ€œThe plants here get more attention than most. It makes them talkative,โ€ she smiled over at a flowerbed. โ€œYou always smell like cinnamon. It excites them.โ€

sci-fi stories with unimaginably powerful star-spanning technology that still have morals of "trust your friends" or "kindness is good" or "believe in yourself" are more powerful than the singularity-gods of any other story of their ilk

A word cloud is an interesting tool for checking first drafts, I think. Clearly, I use too many similes!

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Well, I say finishing. Finishing the first draft, really. So 3 chapters away from finishing the start, I guess.

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My current total is 11923 words, and I'm about 3 chapters away from finishing Act 1.

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