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Welcome to all our new writers! 👋 Glad you've found our little spot in the fediverse.

If you ever need help, feel free to reach out to me or anyone else in the community. Also: an avatar, bio, and post will go a long way toward helping you connect with more people 😊

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Sometimes you want to take a picture, capture how the morning light looks filtering through the trees; your cooled skin; the sound of birds.

But you can never smell the air in that photo. You can't look around to see the rest of the world from that spot you stood, capturing a split second of light.

The only way to remember it is to sit for a while; feel it as deeply as you can; accept that it'll never be as good as it is right now.

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Rediscovered this talk today, and just realized how much it ended up influencing me and what I've been doing over the past several years.

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Hi! This will be the writing musing account of @maloki

I'll be writing about writing, and musing about poetry, as I'm crash coursing into it.

Most posts will be private! And the account is private.

If you want to follow hit the button and answer this question:

What are you hoping to gain from a mutual connection with this account?

Really enjoyed and getting to chat with everyone in person this weekend! Now it's time to sleep a lot.

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Updated our instances page to show a bit more information, like how many blogs are allowed.

With the next WF release, we'll also be able to see if your instance has a public reader enabled, and if so, will display a direct link to it on this page.

@mariusor hey, how's your FOSDEM going? Would you want to meet up today before 1700? Or sometime tomorrow?

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"The sound of the language is where it all begins and what it all comes back to. The basic elements of language are physical: the noise words make and the rhythm of their relationships. [...] Most children enjoy the sound of language for its own sake. They wallow in repetitions and luscious word-sounds and the crunch and slither of onomatopoeia; they fall in love with musical or impressive words and use them in all the wrong places."—Ursula K. LeGuin, _Steering the Craft_, p. 19

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Hello everyone! I'm Jacob, and I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. I made a resolution this year that I was going to work harder at actually finishing some of my work, and trying to publish. We'll see how that goes!

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Hi everyone, I've just joined the instance. I'm Jane, and I'm looking forward to talking about writing and also reading your stories. There's some flash fiction on my blog, if you'd like to take a look. gives me ideas, most of them weird. 😂 That's enough for now. *waves*

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Just got our stickers in the mail! I'll be handing these and our stickers out at next weekend - @matt

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I just want to give a public shoutout to @wordsmith who is in search of fellow poets to connect with here on Mastodon.

Like many of you, they have come here looking for creative freedom after the Tumblr crumble.

If you are a poet, or know any poets who would be interested in connecting with Wordsmith, please don't hesitate to reach out to them or reply to this toot.

Thanks! 😄

You can now add yourself to our public directory! This is great for helping people from other instances discover who's all here, and who to follow.

To add yourself, go to Edit Profile and enable "List this account on the directory"

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Comme il y a beaucoup (trop) de liens qui circulent ici qui pointent sur j'en profite pour signaler l'extension Make Medium Readable Again pour Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Brave, et Vivaldi.

Cela permet de dégager tout ce qui empêche de lire le contenu lorsque l'on a pas un compte sur Medium: pop-up de retape, bannière géante de publication, etc.

Cela a été développé par Matt Baer le créateur de @write_as c'est du libre et cela fonctionne.

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@matt & other folks: I have a plan: regularly post -- things I do to to expand my writing. I'd love to have others jump in. Here's one: I am embarking on a novel. (First time; my specialty has been non-fiction.) As I go more deeply into it, the more massive it seems. I go bite size: Each day I explore a character, writing a snippet of her/his backstory -- moods, interests, relationships, likes, etc. Often I delete what I write. I'm just trying to get to know them.

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Intro: For 33 years I was a professional journalist: reporter>editor>managing editor. I founded & ran, for 12 years, a nonprofit dedicated to helping young people write:

Now I focus on my own projects: a novel that has occupied my mind for 18 years; a journalism project: words, sound, images centered on a courageous opioid addict.

I provide editing support to several professionals & young people. I hope to give and receive feedback with you.

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Hello Writing.Exchange! I guess its time for an toot 📝

:pen: I Am: Citlali Luna, sometimes I write under Vivi Sol (I am VERY clever)
:pen: I was a ghost writer for several years, and left because it killed my desire to write lol
:pen: Most of that time I spent writing supernatural romance and thrillers. Now I write about the Mesoamerican Pantheon
:pen: Current Project Code Name: Southern Grin
:book_red: finally, my personal masto is @citlali

Nice to meet you! Lets be friends 🌸

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Let's Save Blogging, by @ernie

Great article about starting up an independent blog in 2019. In it, I also talk a bit about how is trying to make blogging a little more social, and how our business model keeps you free from ads and personal data collection.

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