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Sometimes you want to take a picture, capture how the morning light looks filtering through the trees; your cooled skin; the sound of birds.

But you can never smell the air in that photo. You can't look around to see the rest of the world from that spot you stood, capturing a split second of light.

The only way to remember it is to sit for a while; feel it as deeply as you can; accept that it'll never be as good as it is right now.

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Howdy! I'm Kaylene. I'm new to Mastadon--figuring it out slowly. I have one story at the edit stage, another I am still writing. I use Ulysses as my writing app. I like to hear from other writers. It is nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing the same issues. 😊

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Lots of new active people on the instance, we see you. I don’t want to be the weird guy at the hostel that goes around welcoming everyone individually so I’ll just say here — welcome to wr.ex!

I’m not your host nor a mod (both are @matt). Nor am I even a user, which is not required. (I use Textpattern.) But I have been a resident here a while now and can say Matt runs a decent and fair instance, so far. ;)

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Hello! I'm Liz (she/her, aro/ace). I'm new to Mastodon, and to posting about myself on social media in general. I'm hoping to use this to hold myself accountable for actually writing things. Current projects include rewriting Supernatural and Detroit: Become Human and an original project based on the myth of Orpheus that needs some serious outlining.

Nice to meet you!

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I don't write as much as I would like. But I do write. And I have two cats.

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Hi !

I like writing, reading, taking care of my plants and learning things. My pronouns are she/they and I'm French. I'm a feminist and anti-capitalist leftist, and I might sometimes post some political stuff around here, but most of the times, my posts should just concern writing in general.

I'd be happy to exchange with anybody !

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F.T. Tern here (just Tern is fine) - author of a couple of SF books available through Kindle Unlimited or for purchase on Amazon, plus various non-fiction works. Frustrated with Twitter and the like and checking this out!

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Howdy! I'm a wee little indie author and copywriter and whatever-for-money-or-even-not-money-no-big-deal writer.

Wanted to try a smaller community and check out this whole experience.

Excited to meet everyone!

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Thought I'd try this out...

Hey all, I'm a fanfic writer and human being-in-training. I like dandelions, matryoshka dolls and the band NICO Touches the Walls. I have a lot of action figures that I place in compromising positions, and tattoos of my OTPs. I may never truly grow up, but I try to be a better person each day.

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I cannot stop writing. Unfortunately, I suck at all the popular forms of writing. (Yes. I have tried until my eyes bled.) So, I am left with what I do.

If I was in construction, I would be a framer. And when the frame of the house was done I would lose interest and walk away. Until I remembered a little thing I could change to make it better. Then I would come back without permission and rip the walls apart in order to make the necessary changes.

Welcome to all our new writers! 👋 Glad you've found our little spot in the fediverse.

If you ever need help, feel free to reach out to me or anyone else in the community. Also: an avatar, bio, and post will go a long way toward helping you connect with more people 😊

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I write novels (mostly speculative fiction).

I write non-fiction books about writing novels.

I read all genres and watch all genres.

I take pretty photos of board games for publishers.

I put out an annual calendar of board game photos.

I ❤️ coffee.

I ❤️ poop jokes.

My partner's name is Lisa, and we LOVE our pets because they are our furbabies!

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Hello! I’m C R E Mullins. I’m an SF writer currently working on my second novel, “THE MALCONTENTS OF MARS”. It’s a pleasure to be here.

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Like others, I moved here from to get a smaller more writing orientated community and a server that responds quicker than a sloth on diazepam.

I've been a struggling writer for many years, hoping now to actually finish some works and get them out there while there are still some readers left in the world.

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A quick while I figure out what I’m doing here. I write near-future and vaguely-historical sci-fi, take photos (mostly moody black-and-white flowers lately, for some reason), and drink far too much coffee. (Which one takes priority depends entirely on how much I’m trying to avoid the other two.)

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Hello! I write novels (I've only queried one, but I'm getting close to a second), I read novels (DM me for goodreads info!), y estudio español; I'm also a runner, though in 2018 I've mostly been walking.

I joined the instance because I was interested in joining a smaller community and also for the social motivation that comes from being in contact with other writers (which is currently lacking in my life >.>)

So... hello! Nice to meet ya.

@Gargron Hey, does Mastodon do anything with Update activities?

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I signed up for Mastodon about a year ago but never really made any use of it, so I guess I'll introduce myself.

My name's Michael, and I'm a full time novelist/podcast producer/game designer working out of Chicago. I like good and far left politics. I'm a decent writer but terrible when it comes to marketing.

I don't post about my work much. Maybe I should.

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What do
they mean?
The 'like',
the 'star',
the 'boost',
the 'retweet without comment'?
What does
the bare
social minimum
You cannot ride it.
You cannot harness it.
It can never be a "thou".
It is
good flat stone
when thrown,
skips once
to future ripples.


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"The biggest assumption that marketers are making is that consumers are “in love” with the brands, that consumers want to “have relationships” with brands. Consumers don’t care that much about brands. Consumers have lives of their own to worry about."