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Sometimes you have to wander out into a nearby forest to get some work done.

Was reading a book about the early days of Snapchat and these thoughts came to me.

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I did this a little while ago, and even when I stopped promoting it letters still came in. So between that and having some time again, I invite anyone interested to request some free stickers!

Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope over to Florida and I'll send a couple stickers back!

meta question: how large should the community get?

Today we're at a cozy 453 users. I'd like to stay in the club, but I'm wondering if we should cap registrations at 500 instead of 1000. What does everyone think?

After that, I'll be spending my days building @write_as,, and other tiny tools; above all: chasing my ideals instead of a fat paycheck. It's hard to describe how excited I am for this

Besides all the development planned, I'll be heading out into the real world this year, first to Tampa in March, then exhibiting at TechDay NY in May. More info on that coming soon.

Haven't really mentioned this anywhere yet, but I resigned from my 9-5 a few weeks ago. Today is my first day off, and I spent most of it sleeping. It was amazing.

I plan on taking some time to mentally reset from 9-5 life -- maybe a few days or weeks -- so new development on @write_as will still be slow while I take a road trip somewhere or maybe a long hike. I'll be within reach, but putting most of my effort towards getting my head clear.

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@matt @shmibs it's pleasurable to write, sometimes. when it isn't, i try not to write.

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@matt @shmibs Because I find language to be a beautiful, sophisticated system (albeit with considerable limitations) that is exciting to explore, stretch, use, repurpose, share... Writing in particular gives it enough time and space to develop into something it cannot when it's spoken.

...and because I loved scribbling in my notebooks and someone of authority told me I have a knack for it. :D

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@matt @shmibs
I write because:
* I find it helpful for clarifying my own thoughts, emotions, and beliefs on a subject.
* I enjoy writing for the sake of writing.
* I am a Christian, so creating excellent art is a way that I bring glory to God and reflect his character as the Creator.
* I want my writing to help other people to think deeply and bring them joy.

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Instances hosted on upgrade to v2.2.0 Show more

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Do you use @write_as?

Do you write in #Vim?

I've written a plugin for vim that allows seamless uploading from the buffer.

Check out a quick writeup about it here:

Check it out on github:

Special thanks to @matt for kicking ass and taking names. Also for running a really great service and writing a badass api. Someday i'll upgrade to pro, I promise.

Spend all your time worrying about how little time you have.

The sound of birds in the morning: gone since I moved to the city? or just a sound I no longer notice?

The odd feeling of breaking from the crowd's norms; doing something completely strange (their term) without worry.

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Hello all you #amwriting #writing #scifi #fantasy #fiction people!

Do you post your fiction for free?

How about tagging it with #freefiction?

For one, I’ll be sure to Boost some of it! For another, then people can find your stories, tell other people about it, and round and round you go!

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Happy Monday! February International Correspondence Writing Month (#InCoWriMo). If you want the no-commitment thrill of handwriting one letter a day to a willing recipient, and receiving letters, enter your name & postal address to the site's address book before January 18, 2018. You can opt for the site to NOT keep and publish your address after March 1 2018. #penpals

#InCoWriMo Explained:

Enter here:

Address Book:

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we are for moments and not much else