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Welcome to all the new Writing Exchange users joining us from Twitter!

We're friendly here. If you want to send out an post, I'll boost it so you can start finding some followers.

Otherwise, check out the Local Timeline to see what conversations are happening.

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I'm Martyn. (I swear I didn't add the "y" myself.) I'm a writer living in Melbourne, Australia.

Right now I'm working on a novel as part of a PhD on superhero stories; I'm also a screenwriter with a couple of projects in development in the US. I like all forms of stories, but comic books have always been my true love.

You can read some of my work at, if you like. There's flash fiction if you're time-poor too!

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My name's Brandon. I'm currently an student (or at least I will be for another week, when I graduate), and I hope to become a full-fledged soon. I was diagnosed with autism two years ago, and as I try to move into a library career, I hope to advocate for and neurodiverse voices within the profession.

Outside of LIS, I'm a human to an incredibly spoiled Japanese Chin, as well as a Trekkie and a Whovian. I also have a lot of other special interests.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to Mastodon, and I write fantasy fiction (adult and YA).

I'm querying agents for my first novel (epic fantasy) while writing my second (gender-flipped Three Musketeers-meets-Treasure Island with a dark academia vibe) in my spare time.

I love my day job as an academic (PhD in medieval lit), but here I'll be be posting about fiction writing, the query/rejection (!) process, and things that I'm reading and watching.

I look forward to meeting you!

Once we figure that out, we'll also support custom blog avatars in the fediverse (first on @write_as, since it has photo support).

Discussing on @remark_as here:

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Finally got @writefreely blog updates working in the !

Before, changing your blog title and description wouldn't update on other instances. Works with Mastodon, but it seems to break (and I haven't tested with other platforms). So I filed an issue:

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Hello everyone, I'm a biologist and in the next months I'll start a new path into planetary science, and my focus will be on astrobiology and human space exploration. I'm interested in and , and I read heaps of Italian literature. I'll talk about and , more or less. I've just started a blog here: where l'll write in English and Italian.

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New to Mastodon, and this server too, so here's my !

I'm more of a than a prose writer, but I dabble in both. My poems have been published in a handful of mags, and a couple of thick books. essentially a in my spare time.

Im currently working on:
🚀a epic
🌳ecopoems, and poems generally

During the day I manage servers and build infrastructure for clients, specialising in , , and all sorts.

Lovely to meet you all!

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time I guess. Hi, I'm Matt! Scientist by day and / / by night. I write mostly fantasy with some horror and sci fi, and my proudest writing achievement to date is currently that time a beta reader said my draft read like a collaboration between Terry Pratchett and Clive Barker.

Hoping to make some writer friends to share our WIP highs and lows.

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“The things that make the promise of a metaverse intriguing, for the most part, already exist in online games. And much of what remains of that promise is unappealing, impossible, or greedy.”

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Hi, I already have an account on, but I've seen this server and though I'd make an account here too. So this is my .

Writing is mostly a hobby for me. I work as a programmer, and I tinker on an open source app for writers in my spare time, when I'm not writing on my novel projects.

I read mostly sci-fi and fantasy, and my writing is also sci-fi. I suppose it doesn't hurt that I studied physics in university 🙂

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Hi all! For , I'm currently a freelance writer and editor (and recovering cybersecurity writer) with a love of writing sci-fi and fantasy in my free time. I'm working through hopefully my last major revision for my first novel, while also doing some micro and flash fiction on the side which I'm trying to get in the habit of posting on Medium instead of just letting it molder unseen.

This is also my first time using Mastodon, so exciting times all round.

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Alright, intro post take two: I'm Lauren, and I write stuff. Mostly horror and supernatural fare, but fantasy's something I enjoy too.

I enjoy monsters, especially vampires of the non-sparkly variety. Also I'm likely to start talking about my misadventures in TTRPGs at some point, because that's always fun.

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Hello! I started out as but decided I probably should be on the since I write and . At some point I will figure out how to migrate. For now I am in two places at once. Wheeeee!

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time. im nico. i have a lot of trouble writing cause im never happy with it like pretty much everyone else but im finally trying to stick with it. my brain constantly applies and filters to every character, thought, concept, and dream that pops into my head til a suitable one is found. struggling with confidence so i wanted to find somewhere i could see if my writing actually garnered interest and get constructive crit. hello.

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Took a while, but I'm happy to announce WriteFreely support. Check out plan options here:

If you have any questions please send them over :)

cc: @writefreely
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hello, I'm looking to connect with other poets and short fiction writers. I'm an unschooled amateur keen on getting other people into the joy of writing and creative work. i might post some stuff on here every now and then.

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