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Sometimes you want to take a picture, capture how the morning light looks filtering through the trees; your cooled skin; the sound of birds.

But you can never smell the air in that photo. You can't look around to see the rest of the world from that spot you stood, capturing a split second of light.

The only way to remember it is to sit for a while; feel it as deeply as you can; accept that it'll never be as good as it is right now.

Down from the mountain; still a few days till I'm home in the swamp.

I got the new perspective I needed. And I think the pooch enjoyed it too, even if it's not a couch at home. New photos of him on @snap_as:

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Drowned out by the human cacophony; free to speak again among the insects and night creatures.

It's been a few months. Headed to the mountains again.

Goals: spending creative energy on something other than code; being in the moment for as many consecutive moments as possible; getting slapped in the face with a little more wonder than usual.

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I just started a Patreon. Help me get the word out? The patron can access two novels and one graphic novel, serialized month to month, plus lots of concept art, finished art, character sketches, and posts on the process and problems of writing, depending on their patronage level. The patron sees all kinds of stuff that will likely never be available anywhere else. Check the site out: Help spread the word! Wide dissemination would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey everyone! I've just published a beta of my new app for writers -

It's a simple tool meant to help writers to develop a daily writing habit, achieve their writing goals, and track their progress.

If you're interested in this sort of thing - it'd be really awesome if you could check it out and let me know what you think. I'm looking for any feedback, first impressions, your thoughts on what could be better.

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Hi all! I'm new here and so glad to be a part of the community. I am trying (emphasis on trying) to write my first fiction novel, so I am just trying to get all the help I can! I would love if there are any people out there who would love to exchange a few pieces of drafting for feedback. Contact me if you're interested!

is now on Mastodon v2.4! There are bunch of improvements in this version, like offline support, a new Direct Messages column, and the ability to add 4 custom fields to your profile.

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Just now. I wanted to capture the late afternoon winter light making shadows in hollows in the sand at the beach, the way the pines lit up green.

I wanted to make sense of the family waiting on the beach for the kid on the surfboard, the way the dad whistled and the kid heard over the sound of the surf, and headed in.

Breathing it in.

I've closed registration for now to wait out this influx of new spam accounts. Will re-open it in a few days.

Feel free to invite any non-spammer humans you know in the meantime!

a new phase
adulting or just not what they told you it'd be
stretch, be ready to run
run run run run run run run

but for now, be ready

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Feeling the year pass in the pages of a journal.

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these past two days I've been in love with the world.
mid-april and it's still not scorching summer yet,
as it normally is by now.

yesterday morning: clear skies, yellow and low light.
today: featureless clouds
cool air rushing just like in the mountains.

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Check out my new web application, Collab, a collaborative writing game.

If you're interested in helping to test Collab send me an email and I will set you up.

Please share at your writing group.

Leaving New York; traveling back down the east coast on the ground instead of by plane. Passing cities I've stayed in, memories barely too far to touch.

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I sat at my desk all day, and nothing I did made any difference to the things to be done.

But then I came home and walked on the beach with my daughter, who stood for four hours at her checkout without a break, and every step felt like we were rejoining our selves.

It’s still late summer in the ocean. We watched a man teaching a kid to surf, holding him up and throwing him into the wave like a javelin.


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Anyone planning to participate in in April? If so, is there a cabin perhaps?

Just realized the new influx of users might have to do with the push going on right now.

Welcome, everyone!