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Welcome to all our new writers! 👋 Glad you've found our little spot in the fediverse.

If you ever need help, feel free to reach out to me or anyone else in the community. Also: an avatar, bio, and post will go a long way toward helping you connect with more people 😊

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Sometimes you want to take a picture, capture how the morning light looks filtering through the trees; your cooled skin; the sound of birds.

But you can never smell the air in that photo. You can't look around to see the rest of the world from that spot you stood, capturing a split second of light.

The only way to remember it is to sit for a while; feel it as deeply as you can; accept that it'll never be as good as it is right now.

These past few months have slipped away from me; I haven't been around / participating in the fediverse as much as I'd have liked to.

Looking forward to watching everyone's @apconf talks, though!

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This week I'm re-architecting and moving @snap_as from a separate application into our single @write_as application. Here are a few thoughts along the way.

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Call for help, OCAP 

My fiancee was on a call on a videoconferencing platform yesterday and the room she was in was intruded upon multiple times by people who came in and caused trouble.

This was a women's group and they were exposed to pornographic images, sounds, threats, etc. not just once, but many times over the span of one hour.

This makes me think that for the Free platforms, we can and must do better. I have a plan and would love some help!


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Writer in a variety of forms. Have a couple self-published books. Always looking for a nice writing community, and since I'm now learning about IndieWeb, thought this would be a good place to call home on Mastodon.

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Here mostly to leave bits of poetry as the think-bag ejects it. A contract/consent ethics Vac.

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Hey everyone. My name is Rory Price and I'm a science-fiction writer. I recently self-published my first novel, Opt Out. It follows a group of free software activist who get very worried about a new form of invasive proprietary technology known as smart implants.

Other than that, I'm a dedicated free software user and take privacy very seriously. I'm very interested in storytelling in general.

Check out my website at

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Hi Mastodon! I'm a science writer (i.e. non-fiction) here to explore this not-so-new medium and find some new inspiration in this very strange year.

I'm currently writing an article about how orchestras are carefully returning to rehearsals during COVID-19, and the science behind those decisions.

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Hi all, nice to be here! I finally burned my FB down this month and am interested in making more open-source/ethical choices for my business and personal blog/social presence.

I'm a writer (more on the tech / non-fiction side of things) but I love consuming fiction and art; always happy to discuss a creative idea or two.

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Scrivener vs Ulysses / Novlr / Scrilys / etc / just Word or Google Docs. If you write fiction, what's your preference, and why?

Here are some thoughts on @write_as features like email subscriptions that haven't made it into yet, the modular product design we're aiming for, and how we're trying to keep WF accessible to writers around the world.

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Hi everyone! I'm moving over from @bkam.

I'm in my third draft of my first novel, which is a sprawling novel of ideas (a "loose baggy monster") set in modern London — or at least 2019 London, before some unspecified catastrophe, which I'm now worried seems too on-the-nose.

I found editing tough during lockdown, so I began writing on , step-changes in complexity, and other topics which you can find here:

Look forward to meeting you!

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I am writing my 4th murder mystery. I would like to publish chapter by chapter and ask for feedback.
The background is a small Israeli village over the Green Line. The book has a lot of black humour and draws on my experience as a shrink and befuddled political activist.
I have three published novels in the same vein. And one textbook. All are resounding commercial failures.
Nevertheless, I just want to get it right.
Am I in the right place -- if so-- what next?
Thank -you

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I've been wanting to publish the Tails of the Village Idiot part two on Amazon, but just can't seem to get around to it.

Any other poets on here?

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Pleasure to meet you all. Ive taken a long break from writing but seemed intriguing. So intriguing. I decided to continue again.

Thanks for having me

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hi ya'll! i'm salt. i'm getting back into poetry & prose after a long break. (work got busy and i got tired.) i used to have a writing tumblr but wanted to get a fresh start. i'm thinking about posting some of the shorter poems straight on here as toots, it'll be interesting seeing whether the requirement of brevity polishes my writing.

anyway, excited to meet some of my fellow writers on here.

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Hey yall, decided to separate the dev and writing accounts and made a new one here.

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We're working on an open source WriteFreely app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

Read more about our latest project on the forum:

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Hiya! I'm Jack, and (quelle surprise) I write things. 😉 I used to be an every-idea-is-novel-length person, but recently have discovered the joys of novellas, short stories, and flash fiction.

I'm a big believer in moving away from traditional work in order to spend more of life doing what we love; namely, writing. As I find contests, resources, and opportunities for story submissions that pay or have prizes, I'll share them here, along with my assorted scribbles.

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