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Woethief is a fantasy novel that I have been working on for some time. An artist friend of mine is working on digital paintings to complement my story.
Please check out my work on Github.
You can also find me on diaspora.

@Mastodon @pixeldev I found a paper by the University of Toronto about using to defeat facial recognition. It might be worthwhile to ask the engineers if they have any plans for releasing the project as free software.
If we added the AI to the , it could improve user by automatically changing the faces to be undetectable by facial recognition systems.

I found an interesting app that should prove useful for . It is freemium software for Windows, MacOS, and GNU/Linux. The interface is really nice, and I can see it being very useful for keeping track of characters, story ideas, etc.

Is there anyone who is good with who can help me with a book cover? I am trying to get a fade from the image to the grey background.
Please DM me if you can help, and I can send you the .xcf file.
Thank you.

It feels great; I just finished writing the first draft of . I've been working on this story for years and it finally paid off.

What material do you expect to be in the back matter of a novel? So far, I have:

* Discussion guide (for book clubs)
* Pronunciation guide
* Descriptions of each race in the story
* Short description of each character
* Author contact information
* About the author

@inventaire is there a way for people to lend/share and ebooks on the platform? If you didn't want to host them for legal reasons, you could allow users to post links to them on or .
Also, pulling/sharing metadata to/from or might be nice.

I just created a to convert a file into PDF, EPUB, and ODT files using pandoc. It automatically adds metadata like title, author name, and date to the epub files.

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