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You can follow the progress of my story as I write it. New edits will appear as soon as I create them.
I included various file formats for your convenience.

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Woethief is a fantasy novel that I have been working on for some time. An artist friend of mine is working on digital paintings to complement my story.
Please check out my work on DeviantArt.
You can also find me on diaspora.

I designed cover art for a short story by I based the men's outfits off of Japanese, WWII-era, uniforms.

I used #Krita and #Inkscape to design it.

From left: Hard, Cougar, Sgt. Desmond Alish, Cotton, Song

You can download Operation Firestorm for free at

#fiction #MastoArt #Art #ArtWithOpenSource #ArtWithFreeSoftware

I just finished a military short story. You can read it at or contribute at or contribute at

I have added more story ideas to the project. I wrote some of them years ago. Maybe someone can build on top of them or add their own ideas.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the project.

Please stop calling computer-wielding criminals "hackers".

That is like calling a vandal a "painter".

Hackers don't just break into computers. Hackers are passionate computer nerds who use their powers to build things and educate people.


- Create and tech you depend on.
- Give family, friends, and strangers free tech support.
- Teach people to improve their and .

I am building up the for my project.

If anyone would like to add new or races to the project's wiki, feel free. Even a one paragraph description is welcome.

I would love to build a list of creatures for other artists and authors to use.

@fossandcrafts It might be interesting to have an episode featuring ideas from
Going back to hand-crafted goods in some situations can improve .

Today, make an effort to talk to at least one new person to let them know why maintaining good #privacy practices is important for you.

Warmly invite them to alternatives to ad and algorithm heavy websites.

Be kind. Be gracious to their feedback. Their reluctance may run deep after years of corporate and algorithmic manipulation.

These small steps to create a community help us all be more private and informationally secure.

#infosec #security #community #friends #family #work #biz

I created a repository on @codeberg for my story world. I'll maintain a and stories written in .

I want to create as code. For example, linting Markdown or using something like to check spelling.

Contributors are welcome, but I have some rules. I am a Christian, so I want to make fiction that aligns with my faith.

I will decide what is canon, but people are welcome to make extended universe stories.

Does anybody know of a free or inexpensive hosting solution for creating websites? A friend needs a portfolio or storefront website.

I would like to find a platform without:
- ads
- proprietary JavaScript
- trackers

My friend is non-technical and needs a drag and drop interface for publishing content.

I can do some server maintenance in the back end if necessary, so a VPS might work.

Bonus points for using renewable energy and offering onion services.

I've long cautioned against the use of the "NonCommercial" variants of the Creative Commons licenses, because their restrictions are often more far-reaching than folks may realize (e.g., most free culture projects won't be able to use any content under those licenses).

@PeteForsyth has published a new essay that sharpens one aspect of that critique -- having a restriction with this level of ambiguity almost defeats the purpose of attaching a CC license at all:

Love never visited her.
No man yearned for a half-spider bride.
She longed to be a parent.
Without a groom, motherhood eschewed her.

From an alley, a muffled voice called.
Compassion drew her in.
An infant smiled.
She swaddled me in her compassion.

God blessed her with a child.
Though she didn't bear me, she loved me.
I call myself a spider.
Because my mother was.

CC BY-SA 4.0 International

My parents rejected me.
I wailed alone in the alley.
She heard my newborn cry.
In her loving arms, I grew.

The townspeople called her a monster.
They hated spiders, but bought her silk.
She tought me to buy and sell.
She tought me to love our rude neighbors.
She tought me the merchant tongue.

I am proud of my mother.
I wish I were a spider like her.
I miss her nourishing venom.
I miss her smile.

CC BY-SA 4.0 International

As always, I walked home alone.
They whispered in doorways as I passed by.
I waved, but they turned away.
I smiled, but they sneered.
I missed my mother.
She had smiled at me.
She taught me to be kind.
I loved my people.
One of them would smile back some day.

CC BY-SA 4.0 International

Glad to see my latest post resonating with many members of the open source community.

If you missed it, take a look:

How to pay your rent with your open source project

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