Just watched an episode of Wagon Train with both Lee Marvin and Lon Chaney as guests.

History is way broader than you give it credit for. The Dredd Scott Decision is history. Decided by white people. Brown v. Board is also history, decided by white people. Apartheid is history, Decided by white people. Also, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the US (and all its amendments), decided by white people.

Why are you here?
You're here to feed the cat, dummy. So go out there, get one, and feed it.

White people are all prejudiced. So are all black, red, brown, yellow, conservative, liberal, moderate, CIS, trans, gay, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, animist, pagan, other religious, young, old, ancient, rich, poor, and middle class people. Plus all those others I didn't mention.
What matters isn't whether or not you're prejudiced, but what you do with that prejudice.

Not all politicians are corrupt, stupid, or evil. They're only as corrupt, stupid, and evil as we vote them in to be.

Taking a break from my present high-speed chase through an ice storm. Armored rocket cars and studded tires are a necessity of defensive driving in Indianapolis, Indiana.

PACIFIC RIM: Uprising is a pretty messed up movie. A great example of expensive special effects matched to juvenile writing. It isn't the worst movie I've seen, but it's close. Way down there with that Independence Day sequel. I'm so glad I saw it free from the library. The price was right, but I could have done something better with my time.

Tomorrow, I'll try to score a bluray of Pacific Rim: Uprising at the public library. I didn't go see it at the movies and I haven't bought it at the store because I kind of don't trust that it's any good. We'll see.
And, if it enters anyone's head, I thought the original was awesome. It promised one thing, giant Japanese robots, and it delivered in spades.

Prophetstown State Park in Indiana has a Circle of Rocks monument to every Native tribe that was mass murdered, tortured, or exiled in order to make that park possible. It's a circle of rocks, and every rock has a plaque with a tribal name on it.
It was dedicated by Mike Pence.

We went for a hike and picnic in a state park today. I prepared the picnic, something simple. You know, the makings for ham and cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks, chips, Nutty Buddies. Everything went fine until we sat down to eat and I realized I forgot to bring bread. Ha!

But it was okay! Ham and cheese between potato chips is actually pretty cool.

Lawn (mostly) mown. Darned electric mowers. Not quite enough juice to get the whole lawn in one session, but they cost too much to go get a more recent, more powerful model. Gotta run this thing into the ground to get my money's worth, and electric motors last a really long time.
In other news: Mangled frog count, just one today. No snakes!

How do you self-publish, format your ebook, market your ebook? Here's a comprehensive GIGANTIC slide show by the guy who created Smashwords. The technical stuff is real, and usable. Just remember this guy is selling his platform. Overlay in bold caps: YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.

I just love it when the tornado/air raid siren goes off every day at 11:00. You can set your watch by it. Hear that, Russian bombers?

Advice to writers: I know it's hard. They have lots and lots of carrots to hang in front of you, some of them dipped in chocolate and tied to beer cans, BUT: Do not become a part of the Literary Industrial Complex.
You know, where you pay them this and they'll format your book (which you can do yourself). If you pay them this, they'll put your book in front of 300,000 readers (who won't buy it in amounts necessary to cover your expenditure).
The money should flow TO you, not AWAY from you.

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