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In fact, make SURE you read the reader comments. The book is a biiig book. Like Dune, it takes a couple of chapters to get into, but those first few chapters are really, really important. And no, I'm not putting my book on the same level as Dune. But it is really good.

I remind everyone and their mamas, cousins, friends and pets that I write stuff. Some is free, you know, to suck you in so that you can't escape, like Conqueror's Realm,
a speculative fiction near future political thriller that was, frighteningly, about 30 years off in predicting a white racist government backlash against minorities in the US. No reviews on Smashwords (where it's free), but check reader comments at my site Then read and discuss.

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I usually don't get political but...My family descended from German and Czech border families. My family fled the Reich in 1937, to escape the Shoah.
We came to the United States for freedom from persecution and freedom of opportunity. My entire family has served in the US Armed Forces as a show of gratitude.
My family are immigrants. We are Jews.
There is a reason why we say Never Forget.
There is a reason we light candles and remember the Lost.
Because it is happening again.

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White people love fascism Show more

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what naming scheme do you use for your computers (if any)?

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This is for my WIP, a superhero story called Voice of the City, so Homeland Security guys, you can go get another coffee and donut.
How many cops do you figure would respond to a phoned-in report that someone plans to shoot up a school? You think they'd send one unit around to check out the place and remain on site, or is it more like cop convention time?

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100 companies are responsible for over 70% of global greenhouse emissions since the 80s and the US military burns is the single largest consumer of oil, but sure. Personal choices.

Walk or bike to work once a week, wash your clothes in cold water, take fewer international flights, go vegan, kill your first born. These are easily accessible solutions for everyone that are sure to make a significant difference if not solve the problem outright.

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I get really annoyed with people who neglect their responsibilities, say they're sorry, and then move right on to continuing to neglect their responsibilities.

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Re today’s #xkcd (, my compromise between ”lay-tecks” and ”lah-tekh” is ”late ex”. *ducks*

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Mu cat came inside 5 years ago, the survivors of a feral cat colony. She’s terribly sweet, her nickname is Kitty Biscuits cuz she nom nom

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Racism according to...

The Far Left: Even thinking of ethnicity makes you a Nazi.

The Left: Doing/saying bad things to/about minorities, no matter what they did/said to/about you, makes you a Nazi.

The Right: If nobody's enslaving or lynching anyone, it's not racism.

The Far Right: What's wrong with racism?

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@StephanLoy It's probably useful to remember that no historian has ever paid much attention to unremarkable people who died of old age, but I reckon that would've been the majority of people. I'll concede that the Black Death was bad, but I'm sure there were isolated pockets that were completely unaffected by it. Back then, it was possible for a village to be self-sufficient, so it's easy to imagine places that the Plague never reached.

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If I talked like I tooted, I'd be pausing to double-check things on Google all the time. Imagine a neural interface to the Internet.

Little brain: Typing a search into Google.

Big brain: Thinking a search into Google via neural implant and seeing the results as words and mental images.

Exploding brain: Trying to remember something and recalling it like a memory because your neural implant performed a search and crawl of the Internet in the background and packaged what it found as memories.

Wow! I just saw an episode of The Rifleman, that old TV western starring Chuck Connors, and it was written and directed by … Sam Peckinpah!

Deer in my field. Quite lovely.

Off to Bloomington for a full day of writing, battery charging (my battery, not, you know, manufactured batteries), and no internet. What, you say? Bloomington Indiana, home of Indiana University, doesn't have internet? Of course it does, but I won't be using it.

I just started a Patreon. Help me get the word out? The patron can access two novels and one graphic novel, serialized month to month, plus lots of concept art, finished art, character sketches, and posts on the process and problems of writing, depending on their patronage level. The patron sees all kinds of stuff that will likely never be available anywhere else. Check the site out: Help spread the word! Wide dissemination would be greatly appreciated.

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Haven't checked in here for a bit. Life is a bit crazy with the work travel schedule, buying a new house, moving, and now cleaning up the previous house. Through all that, I'm still finding time to write.