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The new (third!) A Whale's Lantern #MusicCollab album is out!!

6 tracks by 12 of your favorite Mastodon musicians, who were put together in pairs at random. The results are as diverse as you would expect them to be :music_collab: 🎼

We hope you enjoy the music!
#music #CreativeToots #MastoMusic

Haiku to you:

Crickets chirp softly;
the bats search blindly for them
while we sleep and dream.

The night speaks to trees
in the language of the wind
before the rain comes

The chrysanthemum
blossoms curl, their brown edges
dry as autumn leaves

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self-promotion: short fiction for the holiday 

It's gift-giving season (for witches, skellingtons, boogermen, leaf-wights, etc.) so if you like, you can help yerself to a a short ebook of mostly horror-themed short fiction I wrote a few years back called THE SPIRIT LEFT ME.

I uploaded it to Gumroad mostly to explore how easy it is to set up on Gumroad. (Verdict: Super Easy!)

It's got lots of great illustrations 'cause I know some talented artists, so: reading-optional!

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@StevenDBT thank you! I feel a lot better about this project after yesterday

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@StevenDBT I'm literally all of that. I need this project to be phenomenal because it goes in my portfolio.

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A clouded sulphur butterfly (Colias philodice) on smooth blue aster (Symphyotrichum laeve) in the prairie garden. #butterflies #lepidoptera #nativeplants #Illinois #nature #photography #photo

Having hard time posting at Knzk. Very slow. But hey, no worries here.

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Political momentum for a crackdown on Silicon Valley’s social media giants got a boost this week when a state attorney general said he would tell U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions next week that Google, Facebook and Twitter should be broken up.
[...] Landry is accusing the tech behemoths of suppressing conservative views and stifling competition, on top of infringing on antitrust laws[...]“We need to go to court with an antitrust suit.”

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"For Wu, who has written extensively about today’s #attentioneconomy and how #platforms like #Facebook and #Google make money by aggregating large amounts of attention and selling it to the highest bidder, design is what sets the terms of any online interaction–he calls it the “agenda-setter.” But instead of helping users achieve their goals, #design often is used to exploit their weaknesses."

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I'm not the best at , but hallo there.

I've been looking for a low-key small writing community/family to be part of. I love to write, but I'm one of those people that keeps waiting for the "right time". I've realized you have to commit to the craft if you really want to get what you want -- nothing happens on accident.

I plan to share my random ideas, drafts, musings and the like on here. I hope to make a few friends and have a writer's support system on here.

So, hallo again!

Not an exegisis
Having never read Thomas Browne's Urn Burial,
I pretend that my eyes once glanced
at its lines, found them shapely
& well turned, even if perhaps
the spiral created by its multiple voices
induces images of vertigo & a scraped sense
of destiny deflected, a/k/a
put on hold for generations
as measured by the slow descent
that freshly disturbed earth makes
when time is an image repeated
at ever expanding intervals, i.e.,
a series
of infinitesimal, yet infinite, end points.

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Hi, folks! I’m wondering how many of you might be interested in an organized peer commenting thing? What I picture is a group that commits to reading each other’s stuff and giving some kind of constructive/critical feedback. We’d negotiate lengths of drafts and what we expect in response, of course, but I would love to read people’s stuff and get feedback on mine. Let me know if you’re interested.

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An aspiring writer, I plan to use this account as a place to post drafts and works in progress. Interested in microfiction, horror, speculative fiction, and experimental fiction. Hi.

Who is Matt and what is everyone concerned about?


Not doing well. Suffering worst flare of autoimmune symptoms since last winter. Very sick. Taking prednisone.

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