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MoFi actually started their apology with "Dear Vinylers".


"Vinylers" is now going to be my safe word.

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Really enjoying the Horus Heresy audio books I hadn't already read.

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It's that time again. Fireworks will once more fill the atmosphere with particulate matter & numerous heavy metals to be inhaled by human and non-human alike. These 'delightful' aerial displays rain down billions of plastic pieces to pollute our waterways and soil year after year. Let alone the noise pollution. Something to think about on this New Years. Please inform your family, friends and community of the toxic and environmental dangers of fireworks. (Part 1)

Gotta work on my 4th cheese post, currently lining my gut with rind washed goodness.

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Jeder weiß was in #China los ist. Leute, die die unerträgliche Menschenrechtslage dort aufgrund wirtschaftlicher Interessen nicht so gern thematisieren, haben das Mindset, derjenigen, die gesagt haben, es wäre egal sich bei der Rohstoffversorgung von Russland abhängig zu machen.
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#OnThisDay 1989

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looking for work, boost appreciated 

Hello Fedi can you get me hired?

I’m looking for #jobs, preferably as #contractor, in #translation. I do Chinese—English and vice versa.

I have experience in translating news articles, political opinion pieces, research papers, technical documentation, and poetry. While working for a news website, I also took on additional fact-checking as part of my job in translation.

I have no trouble tackling the most dense jargons of theoretical physics, nor massaging the rhyme and metre of a verse in order to evoke the original‘s aesthetics.

I believe strongly in cultural sensitivity and empathy in a translator’s work.

In addition to English, I’m also learning French, Russian, and Sanskrit for fun.

Under the tag #VerseThursday you can find some of my translations. Be warned, there are gay stuff.

I am currently employed full-time, but I am looking for additional sources of income and satisfaction.

DMs are ok, thanxx

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