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Feel free to continue the story as long as it is licensed under 4.0 International License.

This space is yours. Write to your heart's content. Make it longer, exciting, boring, or end it immediately. Turn it into horror, romance, comedy, or introduce elves or vulcans. You can do it all.

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What do you think happened to Kan-Laon? What adventures did she have? Is there a Space-Time Agency or is the technology a wild west because it was released under the GPL and CC-BY-SA licenses?

Did earthlings eventually settled on another planet using this technology? Or maybe, the world plunged into guaranteed self-destruction and not even this new technology saved humanity?

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In 7 ACE, Kan-Laon made the first successful space-time travel when she ran away from her strict parents--Doctors Pulag and Ara. To their relief, their daughter returned a few seconds later, as a 17-year old Kan.

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The year was 5 ACE, five years after the cataclysm, or what would've been 2037 C.E. in the old calendar. Somewhere in the Oriental Realm, a group of nobodies unlocked the secret to travel. Afraid their discovery would be controlled by emerging governments and corporations, they immediately shared it in the Wired under the and CC-BY-SA licenses.

We can create worlds from the latest news (and discoveries) like this one. Here's an example:

"The light was due to a ship swallowed by the black hole. The ship reappeared millions of years in the past and crashed landed on Planet Earth. We are only seeing the "event" today but it happened years ago. This means that the circle is complete."

How would you have imagined it?


"Why do you read historical novels? Most of us read fiction for pleasure, but some of us gravitate especially to works about the past. People have enjoyed historical fiction since 800 BC when Homer wrote about the Trojan War in the Iliad. The worlds to which historical fiction carries us may seem utterly different from our own - but they really existed. A deep understanding of the past can help us understand our own time and our own motivations better."

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