Thinking about trying , it looks nice and thinner than mastodon

folks, the thing about life is that sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s hard

HELLO FELLOW TILDERINOS!! I like following all yall, it's like seeing your teacher at the store

I'm currently reading Seven Types of by John Gray, and it's about 30% garbage.

But it has some neat historical notes tho!

I need to start collaging. Maybe this weekend!

Hey @pixelfed , why do I have to do a Google reCAPTCHA to even login to the server or change my password? I don't think I'm likely to use your service if I have to go through that hoop every time I log in.

Remember that time your one teacher cussed, that shit was epic.

I still miss Crunchbang Linux sometimes, not gonna lie

vulcan: live long and prosper 🖖
me: and also with you

Biggest accomplishment in my life so far: finishing a box of mixed baby greens before any of them go bad

Saying "I'm not going to read the code so it's okay if it's not free/open-source" is like saying "I don't vote so it's okay if not everyone is allowed to"

And let's be real. Racists and bigot know most white people are cowards when it comes to dealing with racism. They know most white people aren't going to say shit when the get loud and hateful.

That's why this shit continues. That's why racists officials keep winning elections and setting policy that hurts all of us.

Every time there is a racist gathering, white folks should be mobilizing to counteract to reduce the harm it cause and not let them control the narrative.

But they don't.

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