Just watched Network,
holy shit
it's just too perfect

(For real yall, it F'd me up. I wrote a thing about it but I'm letting that stew til the morning)

Both game of thrones and Dune would make great animes

ALSO ALSO I will tell yall about my big project I made a while ago, and just got up onto my website again! It's an interconnected set of poems that I wrote in college. I'm proud of it.


Okay here's one I'm really only posting *here* because I like what I did with the bible-verse style CSS:

CW for religion mostly


Does anybody know where to learn database programming? I have a thing at work that would work so well with a database but I don't know where to begin learning the mental model or interface.

Somebody just tried to Phish me by saying my own domain was rejecting emails.

I need to go to bed buuuuuttt

I don't want to

Wrote a verse story that isn't quite as great as its title: The best ride on Earth will take you from the heart of America to the heart of Australia


I have so many things I want to submit to. I think this is a good development...

Now I just have to actually do the things for submission.

There's still time to apply for #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2! If you're a #writer or #artist and want to join, just DM me your ideas, and I'm more than likely to accept it!
If you can't do a full story, make a cover! Again, just DM me with your ideas, and we'll go from there!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Big shoutout for #hledger, plain text accounting which can save large fees over conventional accounting software. AND at same time create sustainable access to data, rapid corrections. The alias function for account coding is awesome. Also the include function to unify or consolidate different data files is just sweet. plaintextaccounting.org/ and hledger.org

I made a collage for my today, it's about shoes, mostly:


CW (link) for a cut foot and images from an evangelical pamphlet.

reposted a revised version of a short little story i did way back on my cybre.space account ->


dog foster - 

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