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I'm surprised people are surprised that Bert and Ernie are gay.

Do you even Sesame Street, bro?

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Okay who else writes poems every day? I want to get back into it

UPDATE: Broken bones = 0. Game = won. Me = not very helpful, but I had fun!

About to go play my first game today. Nervous and also excited. Will update with broken limb count.

I've been reading so much good SF lately. Just finished Octavia Butler's *Dawn*

This Is Just To Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

forgive me
they were delicious
you are cosmic
let us spoon for ever

Main effect of GDPR so far is getting fucking bombarded by google e-mails

@acdw @Algot Poems written will be poems read, and maybe responded to, and sometimes (if the poet is good with it) remixed and regifted back. Hope you consider it.

In other news I write a non-trivial amount of breakfast-themed material

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I wonder if we could implement "alias" usernames that would count as a mention of multiple users. I'm thinking specifically of @\admins (which would mention anyone with the Administrator role) and @\moderators (which would mention anyone with the Moderator or Administrator roles). #mastodev #mastoadmin

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