Oh snap, I just basically finished my first big crochet project

I'm trying this thing where I let the drink totally settle into me before going for another. Will update

@neauoire 'dont reinvent the wheel' is some of the worst advice I've ever heard. If nobody reinvented the wheel our cars and bikes would be shitty wooden wagon wheels. It makes no sense from any perspective except to talk yourself out of using your brain.

I've just got to say that is some hustle from the She-Ra team, four seasons in a year is awesome!

I keep hitching my shoulders up when I ... I'm trying to relax tho

I love alt text in Mastodon because not only does it explain memes for those with accessibility issues, it explains them for people like me who don't get the joke


Mornin folks, quick reminder before Christmas advert season really kicks off. Corporations are not your fucking friend no matter how woke or friendly they seem.


I just want to apologize for not properly cwing my toots lately. I'm getting back into the groove of this whole tooting thing

I'm stressing about this job interview tomorrow holy noly

Turns out drinking again wasn't there best of ideas

Deleting Reddit off my phone was a Good Idea

The only music I listen to is a 10 hour loop of the King of the Hill theme on YouTube

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