Trying to decide if I need to call out sick is even more fraught in these times

Skincare regimen? You mean my dogs licking my face after I get home from work?


The best hot sauce on pizza is tabasco. I will absolutely debate on this

I did and made a ! The toe is effed, but hey it's my first so. Just have to make one more for the set


Are y'all taking care of yourselves in these shitty times?

Fed? Watered? Bathed? Medicated? Saw the sun and went outside for a bit? That's still perfectly fine to do btw, just play "people is lava". :D How about talked to friends and stayed in the loop (then again, that's why we're -here-, right?)

The tides will ebb eventually, but right now being there for yourself is more important, not less.

physical health (ph) - 

I've been exhausted this weekend. I don't know what's going on

Dishes update 


But there's more. There's always more

interdependence > independence

kimchi season...

better than "we grew everything" is "we grew everything except this part which our friend grew"

tenpo moku pini ale, la o telo e kiwen uta sina!
Brush your teeth after every meal!

#Inktober day 8 #TokiPona

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Finally got around to deleting Facebook. Can't wait til Nov. 8!

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