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Is there any better sleep aid than a dog napping on your lap


It's my birthday today. Boost this!

From 9AM to 6PM today (3/27) if you make a donation of $10 or more to the Second Harvest food bank of Southern Louisiana to help feed children, seniors, and service industry workers affected by the pandemic using the link:

And send me your donation receipt, I will make you a 10-song themed playlist on the streaming service of your choosing.

Every $10+ donation submitted within that time will get a playlist.


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I thought the Orville was just going to be funny but it's actually a legit show

I need a pacha just right emoji right now Unicode Consortium


doesn't read ext4. so here I am moving my whole media drive to my laptop, then reformatting, then back.

And I have an server! All I have to do now is open it up to online

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Pssh, BSD is easy-peasy. I just don't have X installed or anything outside of base

The default system font makes me think of the FUTURE. This is clearly designed by nerds, I love it

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