Any tips on writing a client? I think it won't be hard, but tips are appreciated.


Implemented my first patch on ! Thanks to the contributor :)

Bollux now supports TLS 1.3 or 1.2, both !

Just merged history into master with . Going to hold off on a v0.3 until I get bookmarks implemented, and a nice display of both. Maybe by next week?

works on with Cmder! I saw somewhere it does not work on BSD, I need to figure that out. I think I will merge the history branch into master tho...I don't know what else it needs. Besides saving to a file, but that's easy.

day 2: worries about covid and the current political situation

CW the above

a reminder for all the white activists, shook that the president is mobilizing the military against US citizens "for the first time since..." (some crusty old number)

Standing Rock, 2016
The botched Hurricane Katrina "relief", 2014
Rodney King Riots, 1992
Wounded Knee Incident, 1973
Kent State, 1970
Newark Riots, 1967
Little Rock Nine, 1953
Japanese Internment, 1942
Tulsa Massacre, 1921

there's a lot i didn't include but you get it, right? right. this isnt NEW. this has BEEN HAPPENING. this is the context and lens with which you need to adjust your sights. spare everyone your shock and disbelief because this has been happening behind since your whites arrived on this continent.


Just implemented (VERY basic) history support in ! Check it out:

What should the exit message be for ?

2020 -- Day 1!

In which I read some more Old Bad Poems and fry a vegan hot dog. YUM :)

Tired of the web. And whatever “apps” are.

#Gopher forever. Long live #Gemini.

bollux release 

I've release v0.2 of , a client in bash.

This release includes better typesetting of text/gemini clients and better URL transformation.

See the release notes at

I have privilege as a white-read person because I can do all of these things without thinking twice:

I can go birding (#ChristianCooper)

I can go jogging (#AmaudArbery)

I can relax in the comfort of my own home (#BothemSean and #AtatianaJefferson)

I can ask for help after being in a car crash (#JonathanFerrell and #RenishaMcBride)

I can have a cellphone (#StephonClark)

I can leave a party to get to safety (#JordanEdwards)

I can play loud music (#JordanDavis)

I can sell CDs (#AltonSterling)

I can sleep (#AiyanaJones)

I can drive a car (#SandraBland)

I can walk from the corner store (#MikeBrown)

I can play cops and robbers (#TamirRice)

I can go to church (#Charleston9)

I can walk home with Skittles (#TrayvonMartin)

I can hold a hair brush while leaving my own bachelor party (#SeanBell)

I can party on New Years (#OscarGrant)

I can get a normal traffic ticket (#SandraBland)

I can lawfully carry a weapon (#PhilandoCastile)

I can break down on a public road with car problems (#CoreyJones)

I can shop at a store (#JohnCrawford)

I can have a disabled vehicle (#TerrenceCrutcher)

I can read a book in my own car (#KeithScott)

I can be a 10yr old walking with my grandfather (#CliffordGlover)

I can decorate for a party (#ClaudeReese)

I can ask a cop a question (#RandyEvans)

I can cash a check in peace (#YvonneSmallwood)

I can take out my wallet (#AmadouDiallo)

I can run (#WalterScott)

I can breathe (#EricGarner)

I can live (#FreddieGray)


Colorism and white privilege are real. Say the names of those it kills.


A sky bison can have a little moon peach, as a treat

Anybody got a good tutorial for running one's own #gemini protocol server and publishing text?

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