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650g flour, 2 cups water, 4 tsp sea salt, a glug of oil, and 8g of yeast

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Which is better, which is better, or which is better: which is better: or which is better?

when they translated Fahrenheit 451 to like, French, did they translate the title to Celsius too? 🤔🤔🤔

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Today’s card is The Hanged One - serenity, release, self-sacrifice. It’s a day to cut yourself off from the demands and expectations of others and take time to work on yourself

finally replied to that ad account on reddit

i'm so accomplished today

oop i just sent an unasked-for correction email for some blog spam but apparently i wasn't quite right

Chris Rock wasn't in Lethal Weapon
He was in Lethal Weapon 4

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How do you sign your emails (before your name)? Right now I'm a "best,"-ie, but in college I wrote "Hugs," ... A coworker does "yrs," which I like, but idk if it's /me/.

What do yall do? Looking for something /fresh/

since when did "cubes" become short for "cubic feet"

the real problem of the modern day is trying to find a show on netflix that's good but not so good that you have to actually pay attention so that you can scroll around the internet at the same time

what do you run on rocket morton?

i run on beans

my smile is stuck
i cannot go back to your frownland

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hanging out on twitter waiting for elon musk to buy me a banjo

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A Linda Rondstat is a device that automatically turns on the Linda Rondifier when the ambient Linda Rondity falls below a certain threshold

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