I missed the submission deadline for a contest back in 2020. Thought I'd pick up the unfinished draft and turn it into something fun. Here's a preview of that attempt: write.as/actionsnacks/preview-

Found in an old notebook:

New York (2017)

So here we are.
Not where I wanted to be,
but here I am.

Tall buildings that surround me,
block the sun.

and drown out all the stars,
that I once wished upon.

Now I'd like to give people the option to financially support without having to pay for a Write.as subscription. So today I'm launching an Open Collective page for anyone who would like to support the project.


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I've been moving my blog over to Write.as, including this post about the collection I put out last year. Hoping to write more this month.

Hello, everyone! 🙂
My name is Spence. I jumped back into writing after finally publishing a collection of childhood poetry last year and haven't looked back. Since then, I've been looking for communities of kind, awesome people to chat and share ideas with. I was happy to discover this one. Very nice to meet you all!

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