I am alone with the kids this week. My wife are visiting her mother and we are staying in Stockholm for work and school. I like it.

If I want my next phone to be built and manufactured outside China, is that even possible?

Friday afternoon but still work to do. I am so glad we’re driving to ur little haven later. Torplife, here we come again.

Working from home, give me you best and your worst. I like that I don’t have to rush home after work to cook for the kids. I’m not as fond of the lack of variation and other people. But with that said, I am very positive to the new ”office landscape”.

Sweden is playing against Portugal (soccer) here in Stockholm right now @maique

All you Apple folks on Micro.Blog! I keep wondering if I should buy an Apple Watch or not. You who have one, what’s good?

It is a rainy day in Stockholm. But I hacked the weather and got an hour free fom rain during my morning walk. Afterwards, when I was back inside: It started pouring down.

Good morning from Stockholm. I’ve had a nice 🏃🏼‍♂️ run and a short 🏊🏻‍♂️ swim and now I’m ready for three cups of hot and black COFFEE!

What about all these webinars. For how long will they be for free?

Tvingade mig själv att springa. Det var värt.

This sign is significant for Södermalm in a strange way. I mean Panasonic, does that brand still exist?

I have been laying low on MB and all other blogs for a while. I blame work. I’ll write a longer post soon.

What a lovely late summer morning. Took a short swim after a short run. Wish all microbloggers a nice one.

The building called Strato is slowly growing to it’s top.

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