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1) Agree with the size of the CSS section — some users were talking about this on the forum if you're interested in joining the discussion: discuss.write.as/t/css-and-jav

Maybe an expandable text area would work?

2) Any clarification on what exactly isn't working on the CLI? Might be able to help here, especially if it's publishing to your blog from the CLI.

3) The tag should work on your blog now!

This is great feedback btw — thanks for putting it in a blog post!

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Extratone would like to publish a personal playlist update essay of any length. What are you listening to in your isolation? Old or new, cross-genre. We'd just like to hear an update from you. submit.as/extratone/plague-ban

I really miss writing a weekly newsletter but... it ain't gonna happen I'm afraid.

I'm not actually good at writing and feel a bit like an imposter but I know basically everybody feels this way at some point.

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there are a lot of very valid arguments against continuing my novel project, and an anonymous twitter poll I ran a few weeks ago indicated that at least my followers DO NOT WANT ME TO lol.

but I still want to share excerpts here because I think what I have so far is by far the most purely entertaining I have ever been on paper (or ever, really.) cdn.discordapp.com/attachments

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looking forward to intense dialogue between [NAME] and [CHARACTER]

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Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

I'm probably going to be quoting American Pastoral a lot in the next few weeks just fyi. diasp.org/posts/971a134092f901

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#WritingExchange question 

Should we ask the Internet Archive not to archive Writing.Exchange toots, as mentioned here?



a real, somewhat regimentally-formatted academic essay!

I ghostwrote this for my best friend last fall. (homework, gave me an excuse to rant about illiteracy.) extratone.com/illiteracy-cover

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