Whew! A LOT more documentation done on #Spritely Crystal! gitlab.com/spritely/crystal/bl

Now with a "How does it work?" section.

Feedback is most welcome! I know it's a lot to take in but I hope this is fairly understandable so far.

Trends in entertainment are weird. I remember when came out and everyone was astonished at how bad was the movie. Fast forward a few years and we get . Another film about an invisible something making everyone kill themselves. Yet, somehow it's now a "good premise." It's the same nonsensical story as before. Now instead of smelling a fart, you have to see the fart for it to effect you.

Hello again fediverse. Been away for a while. I think it's time rejoin again. Maybe contribute what I can. Definitely loving @write_as joining ActivityPub with .

Do you want to help shape open federated alternatives like @pixelfed, @prismo , @anfora and @funkwhale ?

You can do so very easily at:


It's a set of forums where anyone can give feedback and ideas for these projects directly to the developers. You don't need to be a coder to take part.

#Fediverse #Alternatives #ActivityPub #FLOSS #OpenSource

The WHY in why Facebook (YouTube, Snap, Twitter, Et. al) are bad is so much more than their data policies or advertising it's that their entire existence is predicated on a LIE.

A lie so pervasive that almost the entire wold believes it.

That there service is "free" and that our contributions are not valuable.

When in fact there is nothing more invaluable than our time and attention, of which we are each given only a finite amount to spend.


If guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare were a thing, I think so many of my programmer colleagues would immediately take low-income sabbaticals to write high-quality good-ui users-first free and open source software that it would inspire tedious "how was it possible?!?" medium dot com thinkpieces for years and years

@Nezchan I think it helps when instances promote themselves based on their own characteristics, instead of leading with the whole federation story. People joined mastodon.art because it's art. pawoo.net has its own apps. My wife (who's not super technical) loves toot.cafe and just refers to it as "toot.cafe" and doesn't care that she's talking to people from other instances 99% of the time.

Federation should be like HTTPS – an important but underlying tech feature that only nerds care about. 😜

I think it's about time I picked up the digital pen again. It can be quite liberating to write (type). Even if it is about something mundane. So here's to the restart of publishing thoughts. This time on Desktop Environments in 😁


Allow to introduce myself.

I'm a physicist by trade, a software developer by practice, and a Linux evangelist by love.

Here's to the hope for expansive interest and converse on the decentralized social society that should've always been!

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