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Check out my sapphic paranormal romance, Fluid Bonding.

“Psychic office worker meets vampiric med student.”

Centered on ace, nonbinary, and neurodivergent characters. Releases on August 26, available for pre-order.


My gf listening to the chorus: I KNOW THIS ONE!!

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Couldn't place it but it sounded weirdly familiar. Reminded me of Lucky and Killing Me Softly.

Shoot, it's already September and I forgot to listen to See You In September. It's not the same when it's the actual month of.

Still a catchy song.




I know the artist, but not the song.

Had an exhausting work day yesterday (one person called off, the other had to leave early), but I had some really nice success with my book, and accomplished what I considered an ambitious goal (the secret is targeted newsletters, apparently).

If it doesn't improve by October, I'll consider taking the story down after I'm able to cash out.

As much as I love the look and feel of the site, it might be better to stick with Vella and Laterpress for now. Plus I'd like to turn it into a book in the future.

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My stats on Neovel are telling...only 29 people have gone on to read the second chapter, whereas only 100 or so have read the first.

Granted, I'm also on the premium program, so they have to pay after a certain level (chapter 3, in my case). I do have 41 followers, though...

Conversion rates get worse after the third episode; 15 views, then 9, then down to 2-3 on average.

I'm hoping the passive followers are just waiting for more chapters to be uploaded. I'll see where I'm at later this year.




Took me a moment, but I got it! Mixed it up with Don't Fear the Reaper at first, but that wasn't a viable option anyway. :/

My coworkers are nice, but it's hard to talk to them, esp the head chef. We don't really have much in common, and his eyes glazed over every time I mentioned my writing.

So I just stopped talking about it.

Which means my response to "how was your weekend" turned very brief when he asked today. I had a great weekend, but the highlights involved the thing that bores him to tears.

This is why I dislike small talk...

Very productive day—I edited a few more chapters of my WIP. Just four more to go, and then I'll do my final round of edits.

Had to do quite a bit of revisions before I got this far.

I didn't realize Soul Hackers 2 was already out, haha. Unfortunately I'm not in the mood to play it at the moment, nor can I afford to buy it right now, so I might just wait for a sale.

Plus I still want to finish Triangle Strategy...

Had someone buy and then return my book today, so that kind of put a damper on an otherwise good day.

But that's one person out of 16, and if it's who I think it was, they weren't my target audience anyway.




Wasn't entirely sure at first and couldn't remember the title, so I made an educated guess. Haven't heard anything from this band in a while, haha.

Ofc now that the book is live I want to redo the blurb...but if I do I'll probably have someone else write it for me. Can't seem to achieve what I want on my own.




I don't listen to her lmao

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