One reason it's expensive to be poor is that low up-front costs lead to more costs down the line.

If you were supporting Metabolist’s OpenCollective and want to redirect the funds to an iOS client being actively developed consider contributing to the official @Mastodon OpenCollective or Patreon instead. The official app is coming soon and is probably gonna be even better than Metatext!

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Ugh, I'm locked out of a seldom-used @Mastodon account, on an instance I host that only I ever use, because I never set up email on that server. So I can't get the security code since I "appear to not have logged in from this device before".

Is there no admin option to override the login block, @Gargron?

I don't link to it much because it is not very accessible but if you wanted to donate to me on my Ko-fy page, do that here

Excited to share my talk: Support Full Keyboard Access in your iOS app!

This talk fits well w/ the great talks on focus in SwiftUI & on iPad this year!

Come by the #accessibility-lounge for a meet the presenter with me at 11am! #WWDC21

@devinprater check out this screen reader webinar in regards to VS code. I think it’s cool that Microsoft is not hiding their accessibility efforts

#Accessibility by design: An Apple Watch for everyone. Learn the story of the laughing Mickey watch face, about what I means to think about accessibility from the ground up, and so much more. Even meet my boss. He’s ok I guess 😜

I've been hearing people want to stop using but that will not solve the problems it has. I wrote about that here and provide some pathways to solutions through a Disability lens.

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