Any writer buddies/readers got podcast recommendations for goings on in the literary world? For example, I am looking for something very similar to the Print Run podcast.

I love blurbing so many awesome books coming out next year! More Disability fiction and nonfiction. If you want me to blurb your title, get in touch

Genre Grapevine Special Report: A Truly Global SF/F Genre Must Recognize the Financial Barriers Faced by Many International Authors and Creatives | Jason Sanford on Patreon

Wait... it looks like we're finally getting the ability to edit our toots after posting them, after all?


Can Ableds stop ignoring us now? Our issues effect y'all, too, but none of y'all seem to get it. A lawsuit may change who gets to work from home.

This Blind writer pens an amazingly thought-provoking opinion. She is one of the authors in Artificial Divide. Opinion | Is a Helen Keller Obsession Holding Disabled People Back? - The New York Times

bam, you can retrieve *public* posts through a GoToSocial Actor's outbox now

As usual, this requires HTTP signatures on the request, and passes through the usual blocking/domain blocking logic 💪

I do wonder if our collective disregard for Twitter/FB has limited our thoughts around message display on the Fediverse.

I wouldn't mind an algorithm sorting my display, so long as:

a) I could understand it
b) I could control it
c) I could disable it

I do this with my email all the time through "sort". I sort by date, by sender, by thread, I search by topic, etc.

I'd have no problem if *my own* AP instance learned about me and sorted based on criteria it thought I'd like.

#GoToSocial still has a bit of money saved up from liberapay donations to pay someone to make a small website at (currently nothing there). Just something static that explains what the project is and links to the docs and the code repo. At a stretch we could also have something that lets us post blog-style updates there (here's what we've been working on this month etc), but that part isn't a big priority right now. Theming should be consistent with the GtS style. If you're interested, dm me or reply here :)

I wish my new shirt said, the gays and trans, can do whatever they want. Even so though, love this new shirt

Meta / Trump instance / fediverse 

@ljwrites @Shrigglepuss And disableds.

Privileged left is a group where all you need to enter is to hate the right people/concepts, like Trump, Thatcher, Hitler; capitalism, slavery, rich folks, obvious stuff. Then you are licensed to be queermisic, ablist, racist etc, and when someone tries to hold you accountable you're "ironic" (sounds familiar no) or you're not in the mental space rn to process it atm, capitalism/patriarchy is oh so tough on (only?) you.

continuing on this theme with examples 

Like are y'all still playing nice with Officer Eugen beyond necessary development shit? Are you still kicking it with "centrist" & "libertarian" fash because they're into FOSS/Libre stuff? Are you still helping white crowdfunds reach their goals in a day or two while Black crowdfunds get reposted again & again with little progress?

This is all stuff we witness from a instance that defederates quite often compared to many other liberal/progressive/left spaces so like who knows what even more egregious stuff we're missing.

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Wake us up when the #IsolateTrump crowd has a deeper practice of anti-fascism than just "keep trumpers off fedi!". Fucking twitter banned trump, is that really how low the bar is for most of y'all? Twitter? lmao.

Android on Win 11 accessibility, long post 

In case you were wondering how Android on Windows 11 works from the blind person's perspective in its current state: The screen reader is a very cut down talkback (even maintaining its Google package ID), with everything except the most basic navigation commands removed. This leads to some funny situations like hints telling you to swipe up and right to open the actions menu which is impossible to do. The voice used is Mark at its default speed, though the engine name of Windows preference suggests it'll eventually match your system. It's possible to adjust the speech rate, but you need to get an app that would let you jump into the system TTS settings directly (IE Espeak from FDroid). While the built-in SR honors rate changes, it won't switch voices. You can sideload a different SR like commentary, but telling it to open the Android accessibility settings kicks you back into the ones for Windows which have no way to turn on other services.

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