Here is a list of audiobooks by Disabled writers. Libro FM lets you support your local indie bookstore CripLit Books

Android users, if you'd like to contribute to accessibility in some way, take a look at TalkBack, the screen reader. I don't know how up-to-date this repo is, but hopefully it gives you some idea on how TalkBack works.

#a11y #accessibility #android #foss

New post on my gemlog:

On traditional Turkish furniture, and dedicated space vs. dynamic space


But with these "older" ways, if you're not eating anything, the floor table and the sini are laid against a wall in the kitchen or in the back room. You only have as many beds as you need, and you can easily roll it up and tuck it away if need be. Sehpas sit beside the sofas or the sedir, covering only as large a volume as the largest one. Sofas or the sedir are at the edges of the room so all the space in the centre is free.

I think dynamic space where you can easily add / remove the furniture is superior to furniture that requires dedicated space, in the ways I list in my last two paragraphs. There are of course exceptions for different types of spaces (e.g. an atelier cannot productively be a fully 'dynamic' space) and these traditional ways should be combined with modern improvements and with orthopedic considerations and the effects of disabilities in mind, but the gist of it is, I guess, making our spaces more dynamic could be a goal worth pursuing.

#gemini #gemlog #furniture #architecture

Hello dear art people! I have updated my bio here to make clear how important #imageDescriptions are to me. I only boost pictures with descriptions, and now I'll start to unfollow accounts who don't capture.

#accessibility matters! And if you agree, consider taking action, too!


Imagine unironically thinking HTML is bloated so we should turn to a file format that's bigger in file size than an HTML file. No. Do me a favor, nobody tag me in these discussions because I won't have anything constructive to say. I won't even entertain the thought. Just, no. Keep me out of this conversation.

There is a lot of talk about #podcasting the last couple of years with #bigTech pouring $$$ like there's no tomorrow. That's why we need decentralised open source platforms to empower podcasters today more than ever.

More on the topic from @funkwhale


It is time we remove Social Security restrictions. Let’s keep up the pressure and demolish disabled poverty

Book reviews 

If you want to review Artificial Divide, the anthology featuring visually impaired writers, send in your request here.

Oh yeah that's what I was gonna make, a cross platform Mastodon client for blind people. An actual application, for blind people, that don't take no crap, like replacing all Unicode symbols in names, and probably toots too, with ASCII characters because screen readers just won't do it, and regular Mastodon, or any forks that I've seen, won't do it either. And no third-party clients have either. Of course it'll be a choice users can make, because choice is important. And separating a very long toot into a thread so I can just keep typing and typing and typing... But mostly the destruction of stupid meaningless Unicode bull crap because oh my gosh social media having Markdown support everywhere? Like, what a transformative and inspiring and radical idea! Shoot at least Mastodon probably has a good API that won't be limited for ad reasons. Hopefully. Lol.

#a11y #accessibility #Mastodon

Firefox's Reader view has a "Listen" feature, integrating text-to-speech.

Apart from feeding text to the operating system's default TTS, it has useful extras such as focussing and scolling the current paragraph, underlining the current word (karaoke-style), and overriding the speed and voice.

I especially like that it can pause/resume and go back a paragraph—which macOS's adhoc "speak" command for selected text cannot.

#firefox #tts #texttospeech #voiceover #a11y #accessibility #TIL

🎉 #PeerTube 3.3 is out ! 🎉

Main new features of this release: customise your instance's homepage, playlists are now searchable, shorter URLs, support of right to left languages and many other things...


Jeff Bezos didn't die in Space. Today sucks :blob_pensive:

I cannot tell the difference in this version of flowers in the attic, with the original version.

US Politics. Culture war 

"Woke?" "Cancel culture?" "Identity politics?" The right's reliance on empty rhetoric is getting ridiculous | Media Matters for America

Black Liberals 

I am curious, I know white leftists are racist and bigoted towards black liberals all the time, I just want to know how they justify the racism. Is it that, you’ll never understand my lefty brain because you are a PoC or do y’all just automatically dismiss and wave them away as if they are annoying dogs?

#MastoAdmin Are any other admins with application signups enabled noticing a spike in spambots? We're getting a surprising amount of attention over here. Easy enough to reject, but I still wish there was something to block that'd just make them disappear.
Also, what's even the point of these phrases? "Licensed Frozen Gloves" seems like a very mad startup idea.
(Fantastic rubber bacon, though? I'd buy that!)

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