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Reading: This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong 📖

I added my status feed ( into my wiki's front page just for kicks. Fun times!

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just printed a business card for someone who's title is "Spiritual Coordinator"... you can just say Necromancer my guy

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Please tell me something you're really excited about right now! Mine is that I'm going to hang up some art at my place when I get home this afternoon

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So follow along and tune in later tonight as humanity tries to redirect an asteroid for the very first time!

Impact is at 7:14 PM EDT, with the onboard camera live stream starting at 5:30 PM EDT and the main event live stream starting at 6:00 PM EDT

We should get images up to a few *seconds* before impact! For this mission, a loss of signal is a GOOD thing 😉

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

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I've signed up and joined the crew for the SciFiMonth Challenge 2022 in November. If you love reading why not join in.

I just got the shipping survey for my Rotary Unsmartphone! 😍 Delayed 2 years by the chip shortage.

The new omicron booster kicked my ass a little. 💉 I’m feeling better 24 hours later, but maybe plan for a low-energy day after getting boosted. Naps and tea for the win!

I wanna make fun of them for being all hot for Tim Curry and yet….

Mmm. Tim Curry. 😘

“Do you think our noses will ever get huge and sexy?” 😆

You can’t go wrong with kittens on broomsticks. Super cute!

I haven’t seen this movie since elementary school. 😱

Join us for in 40 mins, friends! Or feel free to mute that tag cause we’ll be silly posting. 🎃

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for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter

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Hello mastodon! I'm new to the fediverse, and excited to check it out.
I'm a queer, Swedish indie writer, general nerd and fledgling game designer. I tend to post about writing, languages, worldbuilding, games and pictures of food and manicures. If any of those appeal to you, I guess feel free to throw me a follow ^_^

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