We're on are second day of rain, with rain forecast for the next two days, so I'd better find a cheery flower shot to share. #flower #MexicanSunflower #photography

Please don't judge me too hard but I couldn't resist a blog post venting about the ridiculous argument my little sister and I had watching the Eurovision grand final 🙈


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Street art of a full-figured woman in a red dress singing while standing inside a giant paella pan.

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This could be us but the internet doesn’t let me just vibe next to you

Six more chapters and this feisty little mystery will be ready for line edits. I CAN SEE THE ENDING! 😅

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Dramatic street art showing a man with his arms raised. He’s three stories tall, with plants growing in his exposed rib cage.

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Me, editing: Well, I mentioned that clue FIVE TIMES in the first draft so it must be important. 🙄

💫 🧠: Super important!

Me: There’s this little thing called subtlety…

💫 🧠: Silence! You will edit my prose and you will like it!

Don’t make the same mistakes over again. Make new, exciting mistakes. Fuck things up in ways no one even thought possible

My Surface battery is dying, and because the battery is not replaceable, this computer will soon be e-waste. 🗑️ It's such a shame, because everything else works fine.

My next laptop will be fully upgradeable and repairable.


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