I feel really bad when I don't recognize my patients or they're parents while out and about, but I love it when they're generous to jog my memory and share how they're doing! Thankful for my Riley Hospital family!

Rainy night here in Indianapolis, but the "tree" lighting was still magnificent!

Dear Bar Owners, 10 minutes of continuous AC/DC music is awesome. 2 hours is arduous.

My girlfriend gave me a writing prompt concerning alternative life paths. How would you answer?


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I loved Dr. @Atul_Gawande's description of pros/cons in electronic health records. Dig his suggestion of API's from companies like Epic. Would also appreciate if federal funding to health systems were contingent on open standards for interoperability and data sharing.

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Never be afraid of raw, genuine emotions. They’re what make you human. You don’t need to hide them or turn them into a joke. Share them. Embrace them.

@matt I can't figure I'm doing wrong with federation of my write.as blog. I ticked the enable federation box in settings. But the toots aren't showing up on Mastodon: @danriggins@write.as

Do you have advice for troubleshooting?

Here in the newborn nursery we have planned down time of the electronic medical record for an hour because of daylight savings. If all babies could put off being born for the moment that would be great! media.giphy.com/media/PER8oVob

There's a dude rolling around the Indianapolis canal on an electric scooter with a Halloween Michael Myers mask over his face while blasting the theme music from his phone. Gotta admit he freaked me out when he slowed down and started staring at me.

Stories about a nacho challenge, a tornado-hit wedding, tantric rituals with an ex-husband, and man's journey through pregnancy--God, I love The Moth: themoth.org/radio-hour/somethi

Did you get your flu shot this year? Why or why not?

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