Quantum dynamics describes the fundemental forces acting upon the elementary particles that make up the universe, but by what force did those forces emerge? If I said love, you'd misunderstand, so let's have a cup of coffee instead.

I laid my daughter down in her crib to sleep one night. She was four months old. She had been sleeping through the night often then, but not so often that I expected her to. As I closed her bedroom door, I _hoped_ to get a full night's sleep. The next time I opened that door, I found she was older than me.

I used to be afraid of death because I was afraid to not exist. But lately I've noticed that I'm more afraid the world will go away without me. I know it's ridiculous, but...

When my kids were little I'd watch them while they slept to make sure they were breathing. I knew that was ridiculous too.

If one of us has to die, please, let it be me. I know it's ridiculous, but it's my only prayer.

The good people of the world learned too late that all power is violence, too late to save themselves and the other ones too, but not too late for revenge.

the future is you can "borrow" an ebook from the library but you have to wait because they have a limited number of "copies" to lend and they're all out

Anything that works at all, works like shit. Anything that works perfectly does so for an instant, then flies apart.

children for war, hitler, erdogan 

Erdogan says, while holding the kid:
'the turkish flag is in his pocket, if he becomes a martyr, the flag inşallah will cover him. He is ready for anything'

#nationalism at its best...

...and there are many similiar examples.



There are days I have trouble getting into my writing groove, and this is one of them. Used to be, I'd get all angsty about it, but these days I just roll with it and take a little breather when it happens. I'd rather write fifty words a day and enjoy it than force out a thousand and hate every minute of it.

A brief thought: I think we need to take a long step back from "irony" culture.

There's a pattern I see repeatedly where people immersed in "irony" seem to not comprehend that other people actually believe what they're saying, because "irony" dictates that THEY don't believe anything they're saying. It's all a joke; it's just "for the lulz", to score laughs and Internet Points.

Being earnest is a completely foreign concept, and so they assume NOBODY is earnest.

So tell me again how giving the problem to a business that needs to pay it's managers to do powerpoint presentations, make a profit and pay dividends to it's share holders is going to be cheaper and more efficient than running it as publicly owned service. When, if it goes bust, the public have to bail it out because there's no alternative left.

#WeLoveOurNHS , don't destroy it. Schools, Railways, too.


I practice six hours a day. Him, on the other hand, I've never seen sit down and practice at all. He plays when he's drunk, or when he gets up from a nap, or to impress a girl, usually with just a little doodling around. I'm devoted absolutely to the guitar, but for him it's just an easy way to make money.

When I play, a deep, rich tone, acquired by all that practice, issues from my instrument. When he plays, his guitar speaks the searing truth in a voice with no bottom. He can't help it.


Every room, every gas station, every street, every sodium vapor lamp, every dumpster, every porch, every dinner table... everything looks the same as everything else, like a maze. Only the people can I tell apart, and only just a few, just enough that I can look around and say, "I recognize these faces, I must be in the right place."

one sentence autobiography 

You had to be there to understand, and I wasn't. 🤗


It's sort of like baseball— I don't know if you were ever in little league, but, at least when I was, we were deadly serious about it on the field. I can't say I've been more serious about anything as an adult than I was about baseball as a kid. But the moment the game was over we snapped back to being children, and then we all went out for pizza. So it's just like that except, when the game is over, at least a few kids are dead... and then the rest go out for pizza.

Don’t fucking let the liberals sanitize Ursula K Le Guin’s legacy. She was an anarchist. She opposed capitalism.

Don’t fucking let them

When viewed from the height of a man, Charlemagne, King of the Franks, King of the Lombards, and Emperor of the Romans was magnificent to behold in all his splendor. But, when viewed from the height of a child, all you could see was up his nose.


"Did you need more than one shot?", he asked. She shook her head no and buried her face deeper in his chest. "See now, that's good. She didn't feel any pain. You didn't hurt her— you saved her the pain of getting older." Reluctantly, she shook her head yes and went on weeping. To himself only he added, sarcastically, "as a matter of fact, you should do me next."

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It just means you're tired.

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