I (belatedly) notice this:

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Greetings, @RooTurboMoth, @Manuel, @fribbledom, @skyofmywindow, @csravens, bobjonkman and all.

It's no longer Monday!

Death by pants!

Well, no, that's just one literal translation of the French title for the movie "North by Northwest" — "La Mort Aux Trousses"

"The Spaniard the Blighted My Life." (song)

My ghost story flounders. (Ghosts are unruly. Some of them were taking over the story.)
So I'm resuming a modest detective novel that's flowing more easily.

Minimal happiness here: Switched cell phone carrier.

Years ago I happened upon a line that went something like this: "Another drink, bartender, for the world is slowly coming into focus, and I don't like what I see."

I'm not swilling these days, but I still like the message.

OK. New year, 'fresh start'. Though this week marks a new stab at my lightweight mystery novel. Its story actions were 1) wrong, and 2) internally inconsistent. Things are becoming more clear.

I made the mistake of turning on post-holiday television, following several days without electricity.


I've been Away From My Office for some time.

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Ghee done. Now I'm back to ... writing. OK, *editing*, yes, that will get me started.

This past week I could have written The Great American [Short Story | Novel | Recipe | Readme], but no! I've been installing our two screen doors. They look great, but they don't have much of a story to tell.

This Matias 'laptop pro' keyboard sure is ... something.

I'm having more fun coming up with character names than actually writing about them. But the names themselves—Ned Hope, for one—are the start of the character for me. Without a name, it's just words. (Ned Hope is my current villain, BTW).

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