halfway up the stair
quickens the night

why does nobody support xml for the things xml is designed for

“And, since the houses in this area all had wooden walls and bamboo fences – though also, doubtless, because they were doomed to destruction anyway – the fire leaped from house to house until the whole street was blazing away like a regular Fiery Mountain” THANKS CAO XUEQIN

Vague 02 is written sans a final conversation and I think I'm gonna jump into editing now and write the last bit later tbh

i literally can't tell if this story is good or not lmao

that's what i get for spitting in the face of english conventions, i guess lol

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i'm already slapping my forehead at my bad jokes i think this is a good sign

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the wind of mount fuji
the last of the firewood
trial by fire

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