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Thinking about making a text adventure game about nail-biting.

I have this vague art-piece-y poster idea, but I can't decide what the uhhhh subject is. I want to do a sort of... Like, an art piece to gather up interest for a zine I'm collabing with some friends on and generally interest in that kind of thing, but I also just want it to be a fun, weird little thing. Like a wanted ad, basically, with little tear-away phone/email tabs or something.

Not seeking help necessarily, though obv I'm all ears. Just thinking out loud.

I got about halfway through organizing this year's ~writing plan on my fancy lewd calendar before realizing my dumb ass could have been, like, writing.

Or reading.

Or not being a dweeb in some form.

Back on my podcast bullshit. I'm listening to Old Gods of Appalachia and it's so so good, I'm so inspired. It makes me want to do my own podcast, though honestly I'm not sure what I'd really do. Just going to hang on to that for now I guess.

Feeling languid this morning. Really need to get my sleep schedule back into some normal shape.

Gonna have a smooth spot on my head like a rock touched too often.

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I just got my undercut and side cut snipped a few days ago, and I have yet to stop rubbing it, please send help

"Not Even the Dark Can Hide What We've Done"

Had she understood what revenge would cost, she might not have done it. But she did, and there was nothing left—an empty house, a dull knife, silence. The Devil had already taken her due.
The cab was still idling, yellow butted up against staticky void. She didn't have the luxury of waiting when Nothing waited behind her. So she locked the door, crossed the rain, and climbed in.
Forward, ever forward.

The temptation to drop all work and just read The Twisted Ones is almost unbearable.

Heyo,, I'm Kit Crowe! I'm still pretty new to this, but I've been craving a platform that's, uh, not Twitter. I'm a writer by day, and by night, I'm... Uh, a writer, but for creative writing this time. I kinda specialize in horror (currently writing a book about the horrors of growing up in the bible belt and an erotic horror with cenobite-esque witches) but I kinda dabble in everything. Looking forward to meeting more folks!

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