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"Prophets! A meeting of prophets!"

Old traumas have come to roost. Growth is colliding with eternal memory. The cracks are showing.

Nevi'im, Post-Self book III, arrives July 21 - now available for pre-order!

Cover by @irisjaycomics

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Friends! Hello! I have moved from my single-user account! I am getting incredibly tired of hosting that account and also paying a bit more money than I would like. Given that I almost exclusively post about writing, this feels like a good home for me.

Thank you for your patience~

Eyyy it's time for Wednesday stream! Beat Saber and Synth Riders, mostly. Come chill and chat and listen to music and such, starting at 4 Pacific, in about an hour from posting.

I...uh, hmm. Was not expecting full-body tracking to give me dysphoria, but here we are. Please enjoy Sarah Cothran's take on As the World Caves In - an astoundingly pretty map with a very swishy vix.

Getting back to the lunch time streams! Come join me for some mostly chill stuff at noon Pacific. Exploring some Noodle maps.

Bewaaaaare the beeeear GHOST!

(I love this song, so I'm more than willing to put up with a less-than-ideal map!)

Toledot Ep 063: Yared Zerezghi - 2124

Speciation - coffee - notes - Jonas and True Name - fucking gross

Well, dang. The camera for Synth Riders was set to the head camera, so it's a little confusing to watch, but at least it went well! Some beat saber stuff muted, but that's okay.

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Beat Saber/Synth Riders stream to give the av a spin

Going to give Twitch a go. We'll see how well it works!

i think as i get older i less want non-human angst stories of people desperately wishing they were human or for the humans to accept them, and more want incredibly indulgent stories about inhuman people knowing theyre hot shit and doing whatever they want

Alright, got the avatar working a liiittle better with Synth Riders:

(I just got the game yesterday, don't make fun of me for fucking up that cyan streak c.c)

Since I got avatars working on Beat Saber, figured I'd start making videos. One of those "I have no idea what I'm doing~" things :P

Yay! Custom av for Beat Saber set up! Now with swishing~

Headphone warning for noise music.

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