I keep coming back to the thought that the fediverse isn't really meant for the standard web browser. It needs its own dedicated native client, a "fediverse browser".

It'd be sort of like Trillian or Pidgin, uniting a bunch of your accounts behind the scenes, but you'd just enter in URLs or fedi handles to navigate around the social web.

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The client could be generic / flexible enough to handle all kinds of Objects, Actors, and Activity's. And I think it'd be pretty neat to have a desktop app (for example) dedicated only to socializing.

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@matt I'm working on just that sort of thing, ironically. Partly it's because I think all of these social media systems could be a lot lighter weight bandwidth and storage wise by doing that as well. Why do a need a 700MB browser engine to read a text stream with occasional pictures in it?

@hankg @matt we need HTML interfaces for new platforms not to appear in a vacuum of content.

@dpwiz @matt With most people interacting predominantly with these things on smartphones and other devices I think that as long as there are solid clients for that it is mitigated.
@matt same thoughts. I build the whole system from sources and browser is the only app that keeps me messing around with GUI. I have all the rest programs I use in console. I wish I had Fediverse in console too.
@matt I've definitely mused before over the idea of having a suite of native desktop apps that cater to specific activity types.
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