Have been trying not to think about how much I miss traveling for the past year. This did me in today.

From @scearley:

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I think just replying to a boosted post without mentioning it works fine.
The only drawback is that due to you still have to boost your own reply again.

IMHO that's a bug, there is no reason to filter out posts without mentions just because they have threading metadata.

@schmittlauch Nein, nicht dasselbe, denn *präsentiert* wird im Client dann trotzdem nur der Tröt ohne eingebetteten Ursprungströt, wie das bei Twitter-Zitaten ist. Nutzer sind bereits zu blöd/faul, Threads zu erkennen, wenn man auf eigene alte Tröts antwortet.

@frumble Ich finde es bisher gut genug.
So ein notwendiger Extraklick hat auch den Vorteil, dass 1 nicht direkt in der TL mit – oftmals fragwürdigen – zitierten Posts konfrontiert wird.

@schmittlauch Das mag in der Theorie schon stimmen, aber in der Praxis hat es auch nicht die positiven Seiten der sozialen Dynamik, die das drüben mit sich bringt.


Interesting thing, but I disagree about showing the reply in the main tootline.
Or more precisely: That should be up to the client/user if she wants a tootline of origin posts or a tootline of all posts (like you can get if you watch a profile).

It shouldn't be relevant for this if someone is mentioned in a reply or not.

So the way with retooting seems to be a fair workaround for me.

@matt I saw this toot earlier and didn’t appreciate what it meant until my Twitter-trained thumbs tried to tap out a quote toot too.

@matt Hm, given the social structure of the fediverse I personally fear that this feature could be abused quite quickly by people who always think their opinion is superior and want to show that off. You can just link to a toot as a source, or reply to it depending on what you want to do. Quote toots would mix that up and stand in the way of healthy dialogue IMHO. We don't need to replicate Twitter 1:1 😉

@thilosophus @matt

One can just share the link to the original toot... the point here is the UI/UX: why we shouldn't be able to do this with a click and see a nice preview of the original toot?

@alexl @matt Ah, thank you, just tried it in the browser with the Mastodon web interface, now I understand. Yeah, that this opens in a new tab on the original instance isn't really useful.

@thilosophus @alexl Yeah, maybe if the web browser itself was a better fediverse client, it might be a little more acceptable.

I agree on not replicating Twitter 1:1, and understand the chance for abuse. But the act of quoting someone is as old as writing itself. The QT is so perfectly suited to microblogging. And I think you can solve the problems of dunking, dogpiling, etc. through mostly social means instead of technical ones.

@matt @scearley what a great find! It's mesmerizing to watch the videos. Almost makes me feel like I'm actually driving in another country.

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