Day 4: arrived at my destination, an Alabama forest that promised mountains.

My exact abode for the night was decided this morning, on my second visit to a mechanic outside Auburn. Lingering brake problems were literally slowing me down, and after the first fix didn't quite do the trick I paid my new Alabamian friend another visit, and he pointed me to Mount Cheaha.

As last night, the only animals around tonight are humans. Tomorrow: a hike, and after: whatever feels right.

Last night ended up at a Georgia park that needed a 1.5 mile hike through a canyon to the campsite.

With no one else camping in the backcountry that night, the ranger informed me we'd be the only ones out there.

With my backpack too small to bring a pillow and dog bed, the canine and I fought over a balled-up hoodie and one-person sleeping mat; woke several times at the yips and howls of distant coyotes, and nearby rustling leaves.

Tonight we sleep among RVs, feet from the car.

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