One foot in front of the other, people. If you see someone stumble, help them up. We'll get there together.

With all this news of users jumping ship or at least taking serious breaks from Twitter and Facebook, I can’t help but feel like Apple is on point with this Today article:

Demystifying RSS

FWIW: Yes, I picked my newsreader bs k up a couple years ago. I use Feedly and a couple apps. You can see my public collections here:

Who inspired me this week?
Colin Kaepernick
Kamala Harris
Barack Obama
Cory Booker
Serena Williams

Every time I think Mastodon isn't like Twitter, some mansplainer steps up to remind me that, actually, it is.

It's also clear that Masto needs some user tools here, too. On Twitter, a user facing a deluge can go private for a bit. That's not possible here. It should be. Just some sort of temporary withdrawal for protection, short of nuking your account.

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Yeah, I used to feel insulted by the term “mansplain” too. I got over it when I realized that we’re trained by school and society to do it, and if we don’t make the term specific to men, we’ll never fucking learn.

Do better, men.

Fabienne Serrière (@fbz on big bird) poured a Mac SE ROM into a knitting machine and made scarves

amac on content moderation • Internet expert lawyer lays out some notes and citations on moderation policies for web products #linkblog #facebooktwittermoderationtootmeamacpolicy

Mastodon anxiety: FOBOWI

(Fear Of Being On the Wrong Instance)

i've seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by startups, gluttonous mercenary bridled

entombing themselves in the cubicle halls in an instant, hawking for a liquidity event

Enough of all that. Check out my wild rescue bunny who is now two weeks old! #Bunbun

I am gradually learning to tell the difference among people who use CWs because they’re actually empathetic to other people’s sensitivities, people who use them to be performatively woke, and people who use them as meta-shitposting.

Today is the 100th birthday of technical badass Katherine Johnson. Ms Johnson calculated trajectories for Apollo space missions by hand.


Ok it's officially time for the 2018 SF Pen Show and this year I'm gonna try to keep it all in one thread so ya'll can just ignore the whole damn thing if you want (Minus instagram crossposts, sorry about that). #sfpenshow2018

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