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I thought I'd update my here.
I'm a Brazilian who fell in love with winter living in Canada. I'm reading all the time ( and ) and I love , , , , music, , , and lots of quiet time. I have a background in Engineering and I work with spreadsheets and construction drawings as an estimator.

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I want to practice my French language skills, dos anybody recommend cool French modern sci-fi / fantasy books or authors? //

Je veux pratiquer mon français, est-ce que vous avez recommandation des livres ou des auteurs français de science-fiction / fantastique modernes? Merci :)

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Taking advantage of the nice weather for early evening bike rides. Not too hot, still got sun at 8pm. Enjoying everything I can before winter comes.

Because I'm having entirely too much fun reading "The Affair of the Mysterious Letter", I thought I would re-read all the original Sherlock Holmes books again.

Now, what is the best reading order for the novels and short stories collections? by publication date? by plot chronological order? Does anyone have a recommendation?

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"I have done my best to conceal the substance of the offending terms from my audience while preserving the clarity and character of the lady's speech. If you are easily shocked you may wish to turn to the end of this segment. "Who the --- are you? And what the --- do you think you're doing? Have you any idea of the --- you've caused and a ---ing mess I'm in now?""

-- "The Affair of the Mysterious Letter"

I'm enjoying this Sherlock Holmes fantasy twist. I love when the narrator breaks the fourth wall to apologize and tries to conceal the offending language spoken by some characters.

On giving up on books. It's never a light decision for me, but I think now I have a better idea of when and why to abandon a book.

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Some stories after "Exhalation" were too "Black Mirror" for me. I felt a little bit disturbed and it was hard to get through them. Kinda like the feeling I had when I tried to watch Black Mirror (I stopped at season 1)

(comment on "Exhalation")

Went to see the tulips today and rode 38km with my . I can already feel sore muscles that will scream at me tomorrow.
It was the perfect day to be moving outside, 17C and kinda cloudy.

Great podcast talking about democracy and civil war. I had no idea that after 2010 the number of anocracies has been on the rise, roughly coincinding with popularization of social media and Facebook's algorithm to bump posts with the most Likes to the top of the feed.

What are good apps I could use to identify plants and birds with a mobile phone? Are there open source/ethical/privacy friendly options out there?
I moved to a new neighborhood and there so many different plants/birds I'm not familiar with. Thanks!

I've been wanting to write about my experience switching from Goodreads/The Storygraph to but I'm studying for a professional exam that's been eating up all of my free time.
Gladly the exam is 2 days from now, so it will be be over soon, and then I can write a bit!

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